7 Summer Outfits that Will Always Be in Style

Summer is one of the best times to really express yourself through fashion. The weather that’s nice and warm during this time of the year allows you to create more chic outfits without sacrificing comfort nor style. The best brands and designers also have the cutest and most stylish releases during this time of the year which makes shopping even more exciting. If you’re more of a classicist, though, here are some ideas for summer outfits that will never go out of style.

  1. A CRISP WHITE SHIRT AND DENIM SHORTS – who doesn’t love quick and easy outfits? The combination of a crisp white shirt and a pair of denim shorts is a summer outfit idea that will never go out of style. It’s also the perfect outfit you can wear if you want to bring focus to your statement summer footwear.crisp white shirt and jeans summer dressed down look
    crisp white top and jeans
  2. TANK TOP AND MAXI SKIRT – Boho or not, this combination always makes a great summer go-to outfit. It’s really cool and breezy and it’s one of those outfits that are sure to keep you from sweating profusely. It’s a pretty casual look that you can dress up when you need to and it’s lazy girl-friendly, too!tank top and pink striped maxi skirt tank top in black and floaty maxi
  3. WHITE SHORTS AND CHAMBRAY TOP – another classic summer outfit that you know you can always turn to because it will never go out of style is the combination of white shorts and a chambray top. This crisp, clean, and classic look is perfect for when you want to give your summer look a minimalist vibe. Wear it with loafers or flats for the ultimate everyday summer ensemble and a wide-brimmed hat to complete that posh feel.chambray ombre top and white shorts chambray top and eyelet white shorts
  4. FLORALS AND STRIPES – any outfit that features both florals and stripes is a sure hit every summer. The combination of these two prints goes so well together, it’s perfect for creating the ultimate summer statement look!floral and stripe otufit floral dress and striped coat
  5. STRIPES AND JEANS – whether it’s a striped shirt paired up with boyfriend jeans or striped culottes worn with a jean jacket, there’s no denying that the combination of stripes and jeans is another summer look that many of us love to sport during the summer.striped dress and jean jacket around waist stripes and jeans
  6. COORDINATE SETS – matching tops and bottoms have been all the rage these past few seasons but the posh and polished look that these outfits give us is something that will surely never go out of style, If you love coordinates, go ahead and stock up because you’ll surely be able to use them for more summers to come.coordinates vanessa hudgens coordinates and lemon purse
  7. GINGHAM DRESS AND BROWN / NUDE ACCESSORIES – if you’re ever feeling like you want to sport something a bit retro, perhaps a gingham dress accessorized with nude and brown pieces is what you need. This summer outfit combo is perfect for anything and everything – from a picnic to a nice date with your man.

gingham cold shoulder dress and nude accessories gingham dress and brown accessories

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