7 Stylish Ways to Wear Abstract Prints

We’re all about being pretty with a certain sense of uniqueness and wearing abstract prints on your fashion style is totally fabulous and irresistibly wearable. Designers found artsy ways to convey color in their signature pieces by being influenced by artists and movements from Cubism and graphic abstraction that these designs are starting to trickle into stores. Whether you’re a fan of digital prints with a futuristic look or graphic patterns in neutral colors, keep on reading for our 7 stylish ways to wear abstract prints.

  1. Abstract Print Tops

abstract print blouse with miniskirt

abstract print shirt with wide leg pants abstract print sweater with wedge sneakers abstract print top with jeans and coat abstract-print-in-black-and-white-top

Wearing abstract print tops is a great way to spice up your typical casual outfits. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, add some arty touch to your feminine style by wearing a chic miniskirt with an abstract print blouse in pastel shades. If you’re a fan of geometry, then go for an abstract print shirt in black-and-white like Nicole Warne did and add some preppy touch by going for a pair of wide leg pants. Abstract print tops are great to match with your plain-colored and simple bottoms to make them look stylish and artistic.

  1. Abstract Print Skirts

abstract print maxi skirt with structured bag abstract print midi skirt with black blazer abstract print midi skirt with blue tank top abstract print skirt with chic blazer abstract print skirt with sexy top abstract print skirt with sporty chic top abstract print skirt with white top

Skirts are the next feminine article of clothing next to dresses. To add some arty vibe to your feminine style, go for abstract print skirts that showcase your mood and personality. Just like the colors, patterns and prints may be able to show some of our mood swings and draw some conclusion on who we are. Psychologists say that smooth curves denote one’s positivity and optimism while sharp and crooked edges show the opposite. If you wish to show off your bubbly and playful vibe, then go for polka dots or floral prints on your skirts while stripes or geometric prints show off your straight-forward nature.

  1. Abstract Print Dress

abstract print collar dress with tweed jacket abstract print dress with heels abstract print dress with red shoes abstract print maxi dressblack and white abstract print dress with white

Looking for a statement-making way to look feminine? Go for abstract print skirts. Whether bright or neutral palette, these abstract print dresses will instantly make a statement without piling on unnecessary accessories like chunky necklace big sunglasses, and unique shoes. Just pick for the color that looks great on your skin tone and the abstract prints that show your personality. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may go for a yellow abstract print dress to show off our playful vibe while go for neutral palette if you wish to stay classic and minimal on your style.

  1. Abstract Print Outerwear

abstract print coat with funky sneakers abstract print coat with skinny jeans abstract print coat colorful cardigan with chic outfit

Coats, jackets, blazers, and cardigan are versatile enough to wear with any of your outfit. The great thing about them is you can wear them on whenever you feel artistic and expressive on your street style and simply put them off when you feel more professional and smart on your workplace. Abstract print coats in colorful palette spices up your neutral outfits, as well as complements the color combination of your ensembles, that makes your style more fashionable and creative.

  1. Abstract Print Jumpsuit


For the simplest way of looking artistic, go for an abstract print jumpsuit that needs no effort for mixing and matching your top and bottom pieces. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, think of complementing accessories that will go well with your abstract prints. Sometimes, a spherical clutch bag and a pair of strappy sandals can be enough to support the statement you’re aiming for.

  1. Abstract Print Matching Set

abstract print blazer and skirt abstract print blazer with pants abstract print matching set abstract print peplum top and skirt

Matching sets whether a combination of a blouse and skirt or blazer and pants are great for wearing the abstract print trend. Miroslava Duma wore her abstract print pieces altogether by wearing a blazer, tank top, and skirt making a bold artistic statement. But if this style seems overdone for you, then copy Annabelle Fleur’s of wearing a matching set with a black tank top to give the eyes some break from the loud abstract prints, or simply opt for a solid-colored ensemble that matches the color of your prints.

  1. Abstract Accessories

abstract print bag with casual outfit bib necklace with casual chic outfit statement shoes with white outfit

If you’re not a fan of wearing loud prints, you may go for an abstract print bag, or simply go for an abstract-inspired necklace. A winter white outfit can be spiced up by an architectural pair of shoes and bag while an abstract-inspired necklace will add some interest to your seemingly dull casual outfit. Indeed, abstract prints are great patterns to incorporate into your style making them look more creative and artistic.

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