7 Stylish Dresses To Wear This Spring

Spring is all about fresh looks and stylish dresses.

spring dresses

We are halfway onto spring, ladies! And it’s that great part between the cool after-winter spring and the simmering hot summer days where the weather is not too cold nor too hot. I call it fondly as the “Goldilocks weather”. And these days are the perfect days to saunter on the streets wearing the stylish dresses that are made of either thick cozy fabrics or lightweight ones, of solid dark colors or playful bright shades. This time of the year is definitely the time when you can wear everything and anything. Here are 7 stylish dresses that you can wear this time of spring.

  1. Dress in Dark Colors
    The colder seasons of fall and winter may have already gone but that doesn’t mean it ends the seasons for dark colored apparels to be worn. They are still gorgeous to wear especially during date night or other formal events that you have to attend in the evening. For the daytime, you can opt for dark colors that are incorporated in casual prints like polka dots and stripes along with lighter neutral colors like white. It makes the dark shades more bearable to wear during springtime.
    dark blue dress for spring burgundy polka dots spring dress
  2. Floral Dress
    Who could ever sift through the spring season without wearing a floral dress at least once? Definitely not many. Spring and flowers are often associated with each other that it is nearly impossible to wear a floral print during this season. And in this age, we are given more varieties of floral prints to choose from. Elegant ones in silk or silky fabrics, flowers in dark background for a more modern look, flowers in predictable patters like in vintage dresses…whatever you are into, you will definitely have a floral dress that will suit your style.
    floral dress for spring floral spring dress
  3. Gingham Dress
    Gingham was definitely a huge hit back in spring last year and, while it ran slow during the colder seasons in which its cousin plaid took the reins, it’s definitely back for this spring. Gingham prints are simply casual and gives off this air of simplicity and charm along with a breeziness that plaid can’t particularly pull off. Gingham dresses for spring are great for picnics and casual everyday looks.gingham dress for spring blue and white gingham dress for spring
  4. Classic & Geometric Prints
    No matter what the season is, classic patterns such as stripes and checks will definitely not go out of trend. Not even once. And while they’re cousin geometric patterns are often great for fall with their edginess and simplicity, you would still be able to pull them off for this spring by accessorizing your simple geometric patterned dress with cute accessories, bags, and shoes that totally screams spring. For this, I recommend light or pastel colored accessories, especially when you are wearing a classic or geometric printed dress in neutral colors.
    stripe dress for spring triangle print dress
  5. Lace Overlays
    Lace always gives off either this romantic and feminine aura or an alluring vibe to your outfit. For spring, you want to go for the former one. And to achieve this, you may want to stick to pastel or light colored dresses and pair them up also with light hues for accessories. They give an instant brightness to your look.
    pink lace dress white eyelet dress
  6. Off Shoulder Dress
    Oh, come on. Of course you are all expecting this to be here, tight? Off shoulders are definitely carrying from being a huge hit in the spring of last year. That’s because the design is so simple yet it offers an instant feminine touch to whatever look you are going for. Another great thing about off shoulder dresses is their versatility and how almost any kind of body shape can pull them off.
    pink off shoulder dress of spring off shoulder dress for spring
  7. Other Bright and Cute Prints
    Basically, anything that looks cute and bubbly is a definite must have on your spring wardrobe. But if you want, you can also go for something regal like Kate Middleton’s patterned dress below which is absolutely gorgeous and the kind of dress that would help you out on both formal and informal day events that you may have to attend.
    cute printed dress for spring Kate Middleton spring dress

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