7 Styling Updates to Try When You’re Tired of Your Outfits

If you find yourself stuck in a wardrobe rut and bored with everything you already own, you need some creative inspirations to breathe new life into your existing pieces. So, keep on reading for our 7 styling updates to try when you’re tired of your outfits and make your fashion staples exciting again.

  1. Wear a stylish belt on your simple outfit.

graphic pants with casual outfit

yellow romper with cowboy belt military inspired outfit with sailor hat

Apart from defining your waist, belts can make your outfit fresh again. Like fashion blogger Sydne Summer, you may opt for a leather cowboy belt to add some flair to your plain-colored romper. Just imagine how many looks you can recreate with various styles of belts out there from chain belts to statement belts. A simple and plain-colored outfit is the best one you could dress up easily with belts. Also, you may think og wearing belts with your blazers, cardigans, and jacket for a fresh style.

  1. Rock a knot or do creative tucking.

chiffon shirt dress with statement necklace half tucked chiffon shirt with cuffed pantscropped shirt with printed pants

Cropping your shirts by doing creative knots is popular this summer season. If you may, do creative knot on your hemlines to make your shirt dresses and maxis more fashionable and functional. Like fashion blogger Masha Sedgewick, simply doing the half-tuck style on your shirt will add some fresh look to your classic top and cuffed pants.

  1. Mix sporty pieces with chic ensembles.

sporty chic outfit with chic bag sporty jersey with denim coatcrop sweater and skirt with sneakers

Bring the sporty trend to the next level by wearing your jersey or sporty dresses with chic coats. Or, simply wear a sophisticated bag with your sporty outfit for an effortless look. If you feel uncomfortable wearing sporty outfits, then simply add some cool vibe to your crop top and skirt with a pair of sneakers that will do the tricks for you.

  1. Wear a brooch or scarf to spice up your looks.

brooch with striped outfit scarf with patchwork pants and denim jacket scarf with denim jacket and printed dress

A scarf can easily alter your outfits, especially if it’s printed. For a casual cool look, copy Zanita Whittington’s style of wearing a gray shawl with her patchwork jeans and denim jacket that will give you that effortless vibe. Or, wear a trendy style by wearing a colorful scarf with your printed dress and denim jacket. If you’re not a fan of scarves, then go for a stylish brooch that will add some glam to your boring outfits.

  1. Top your basic outfit with a jacket or a printed blazer.

denim jacket with white dress white outfit with printed blazer geometric print blazer with casual outfit

A denim jacket can instantly make your chic white dress casual cool. If you may, opt for a printed blazer that will spice up your basic pieces from tank tops, plain tees, skinny jeans, little black dress, plain jumpsuits and such. Just imagine how many looks you can recreate from printed blazers and basic jackets you already have in your wardrobe.

  1. Wear eye-catching accessories to refresh your looks.

colorful necklace and graphic clutch with colored pants and ombre top statement boots with white dress and flowy vest neon yellow sandals and clutch with chic outfit

Accessories can make or break your look, so choose ones that will add some flair to your boring outfits. If you’re a woman with a trendy fashion personality, simply opt for a neon pair of sandals, graphic clutch, or quirky sunglasses to dress up your simple outfit. If you’re a minimalist kind of girl who loves neutral colored pieces, simply opt for a pair of eye-catching shoes or boots with creative cuts and structured style that can make a bold statement even in a neutral shade.

  1. Opt for touch-enticing textiles to bring interest to your looks.

brocade gold skirt with chiffon blouse and headband statement top with flirty skirt sequin mermaid dress with sandals

Going for sequins, embellishments, embroideries and such can add some flair to your style. However, you can still opt for fur skirts when it’s cold outside, or brocade shorts with gold trims for a glamorous statement. Indeed, creativity is all you need to spice up your basic outfits, making them look fresh again for your street looks.

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