7 Simple Ways to Rock the Sporty Look

Laid-back, cool, and comfortable, sporty look is one of the best street styles we’ve seen from fashion icons, celebrities, and even fashion bloggers. Looking for inspiration on how to wear the sporty style without looking like heading to the gym? Keep on reading for our simple ways to wear the sporty look.

  1. Baseball Cap

baseball cap with casual chic outfit

baseball cap with casual outfit

A baseball cap with a perfectly simple hairstyle and minimal makeup is the best way to tie off the sporty chic look. Remember, the sporty look doesn’t call for complicated hairstyles like a beautifully curled hairdo, or a pound of makeup. Instead, the simpler is the better as no one would head to the gym or game session with done makeup and hairdo. Stick with ponytails and buns that will perfectly go well with your baseball cap.

  1. Sporty Bag

sporty tote bag with casual chic outfit

Whether a backpack, sporty tote, or duffel bag, sporty bags are great for channeling your cool and laid-back style while giving enough space for all your essentials. For a functional and stylish accessory, opt for a sporty tote bag to match with your casual chic outfit. Matching your sporty bag with the color of your beanies, or even your outfit will make you look more stylish and coordinated.

  1. Sneakers

sporty shoes with casual chic outfit overalls with tennis shoes sporty shoes with casual dress and leather jacket

Known to be the most comfortable footwear, sneakers are essential for the athletic trend not only for gyms. From tennis shoes to colorful kicks and from slip-on styles to wedges styles, sneakers absolutely look great with your casual cool outfits whether it’s a tee and jeans combination, denim overalls, chic top and skinny pants and so on. Unless, of course, you are drenched in sporty apparel already like a pair of sweatpants or a sweater that should be completed with a pair of heels to offset the sportiness.

  1. Sporty Tops

sporty chic outfit with heels sporty shirt with leather skirt sporty sweater with jeans sporty top with jacket and skirt sporty top with skirt and lace up sandals sporty top with chic outfit

The most important thing about rocking the sporty look is to mix and match between sporty and chic pieces to avoid looking overdone. When wearing sporty tops, try to balance the sportiness of your look by teaming it with skinny pants, tailored skirts, pencil skirts, silk shorts, lace skirts and such. When you wish to wear to wear jogger pants with your sporty top, opt for dressy heels like classic pumps or lace up heels instead of sneakers.

  1. Sweatpants

jogger pants with coat jogger pants with graphic top

Relaxed and laid-back, sweatpants are known to be the gym essential, but now can be worn for street style purposes. To make these relaxed pants look a little more chic, pair them with a chic top, coat, or a structured jacket making them look more polished and sleek. The perfect blend of your outfit will depend on your fashion preference pairing them perfectly.

  1. Sporty Dress

cute shirtdress with classic pumps sporty shirt dress with fashion runners sporty shirtdress with ankle strap sandals sporty shirtdress with birkenstock sandals sporty shirtdress with heels

If you wish to channel your feminine vibe while rocking the sporty look, go for sporty dresses that can complete your trendy look in a simple way. Go for a dress with sporty theme like numbers, logos, stripes, or just a plain colored one. Skip those flared or girly styles with ruffles and flounces, but stick to structured and boxy ones that can be perfect to rock your sporty look.

  1. Sporty Jackets

varsity jacket with preppy outfit sporty outfit with sneakers

The sporty jackets or even the varsity ones are versatile enough to channel your athletic vibe. They can be styled with your already sporty outfit, or even dressy ones like skirts and dresses. You can easily put them on or take them off whenever the situation calls for it. So feel free to pick yours and channel the most laid-back, casual, and cool style that can take you from day to night.

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