7 Prints to Have in Your Closet

If you’re not the kind of girl to go all out when it comes to making a statement with your outfit, don’t worry. You can still stand out from the rest of the crowd and look chic with the addition of simple and subtle details like prints and patterns to your look. Here are some prints that you should have in your closet to brighten up your looks on days when you don’t feel like putting too much thought and effort into your outfit.

  1. Leopard print – leopard prints can add a strong, fierce vibe to a plain and simple basic look so if you ever feel like looking extra sexy and ferocious, this is exactly the print design you’ll want to incorporate into your look for the day.leopard sheath dress
    leopard print cardigan
  2. Colored polka dots – polka dots are super cute and they can add a nice, whimsical vibe to your look but that usual black and white polka dot color combo is a tad too boring for spring, don’t you think? Instead of going for that, why not go with colorful polka dots instead?polka dots retro white and blue with red accent
  3. Stripes – stripes are great and, despite the fact that many are still afraid of wearing them in fear of looking wider, they’re actually quite versatile. Play up your stripes and wear them differently: rainbow colorful, diagonal, chevron – doing this will help you avoid a boring look.colorful striped dress
  4. Floral – there are a ton of floral print varieties out there ranging from teeny-weeny ones to really big statement floral prints. All you have to do now is to choose which one you think suits you best.floral pants and white dressy top floral print off shoulder top
  5. Houndstooth – houndstooth print is very classy and sophisticated and if you’re looking for a print design that you can easily pull off at work or anywhere else that calls for a dressier, more formal look, this is the one for you.houdstooth print
  6. Palm leaves – yes, palm leaf printed anything is going to be really hot for spring and summer this year and we’re not complaining. I think palm lead prints are adorable and refreshing, perfect for a warm spring or summer day.palm leaf printed summer dress
  7. Checkered – there are many styles that you can choose from when it comes to checkered prints. There’s gingham, windowpane, tartan, plaid, any more and while checkered prints are usually reserved for fall and winter, this year’s spring is allowing us to wear more of these but with a nice, spring / summer-y vibe.checkered patterned pants checkered gingham top and denim hacket


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