7 Plus Size Styling Tips for Spring

Spring is the time to lighten up your style and for many plus sized fashion enthusiast, this is good news as this means letting go of bulky, chunky layers and getting used to lighter and airier looks. If you’re a plus-sized fashionista looking for ways to jumpstart your spring style game, check out these tips and ideas below.

  1. Don’t be afraid to wear colors – many plus sized fashionistas cling on to darker colors like black, gray, and navy because of the slimming effect that these colors have but this spring, try to step out of your comfort zone and wear more colors. This will help create a lighter appearance for you.colorful dress for spring
    colorful spring style
  2. Try out one trend (at least) – as a plus sized fashion enthusiast, it can be rather frustrating to see that most of today’s trends are geared more towards skinnier gals but it’s great to know that a lot of brands make these trends wearable for plus sized girls, too. Try at least one trendy piece to up your spring style game this season.trendy spring look plus sized girls trendy plus sized spring look
  3. Swap regular jeans for white ones – switching to white pants, jeans or not, in the spring can be a really easy way to up your style game. The great thing about it, too, is that it’s perfect for plus sized girls in creating that light and airy look.white jeans navy top and cute red shoes white jeans oautfit
  4. Bring on the prints – want to up your summer game in a major way? All you need to do is incorporate spring prints into your look and you’ll be good to go. Spring prints are super easy to wear, just make sure you get the right print size to flatter your figure.printed skirt and white crop top printed dress and white topper
  5. Go easy on the layers – it can be tempting to pile on all cute stuff into one outfit but try not to do so. Go easy on the layers this spring and keep it to a maximum of two. Also, remember to use lighter pieces to achieve a comfy but cute spring look.layered spring look coachella inspired layered spring chic look
  6. Say yes to maxi vests – if you do decide to throw on an outerwear to complete your spring look, though, do consider wearing a maxi vest. Not only will this trendy piece take your outfit to the next level, it will also make you look taller and slimmer.maxi vest
  7. And maxi skirts and dresses, too – why stop at the maxi vest? While you’re at it, why not go for a maxi dress and/or a maxi skirt, too? These will also help make you look taller and slimmer, especially when worn with the right pieces.maxi floral skirt


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