7 Piece Perfect for Making a Statement at the Workplace

Making a fashion statement at the workplace can be challenging, especially if there’s a dress code you have to adhere to. However, it’s not impossible. With a few pieces, you can create an office fashion statement and still look professional and posh. Here are the pieces that you need in your wardrobe to stand out and be the best dressed gal in the workplace.

  1. Trousers that fit like a glove – jeans are usually frowned upon at the workplace so many women are stuck with either trousers / slacks or skirts and if you’re not a fan of skirts then you have no choice but to stick to trousers so make sure they look impeccably well fitted on you. Have your pair altered if you must; a well-fitting pair of trousers can help give your office outfit that oomph.tailored trousers and striped op
    tailored white trousers outfit
  2. Structured pieces – adding structure to your look can help give it that posh, refined, and sharp vibe. A blazer with shoulder pads, a sturdy but chic leather purse, a pair of pointed-toe stilettos – these are just some of the things that can help bring structure to your look.structured textured outfit gigi hadid office look
  3. Fierce eyewear – sometimes, a pair of fierce eyeglasses is all you need to pull your office look together. Choose a frame style that will flatter your facial shape and features. if you’re not sure, you can always go for the cat eye style since it is universally flattering.eyeglasses for the office
  4. Statement outerwear – Whether it’s a jacket, a cardigan or a coat that you’re wearing as your outwear for the day, wearing one with a statement print / pattern or in a statement color is one way to make a statement at the workplace.statement outerwear bold color statement outerwear for the office
  5. Highest of heels – heels just have this amazing ability to make any outfit look so much more posh and sophisticated so if you want to make a statement at the workplace, wearing your best pair of heels is one way to do it.heels with office outfit
  6. Go loud with accessories – the great thing about accessories is that you can go really bold with them and still pull off an office-appropriate look. Try a piece of statement jewelry or pin a nice brooch on to your blazer. The key is to use one statement piece of accessory at a time to make sure that you don’t go overboard.accessorized for work
  7. Incorporate a trendy piece – making trendy pieces work for the work place can be challengning but it pays off tremendously if you do. Try wearing coordinates topped with a blazer or lowkey lace up shoes with your skirt suit. Choose a trend you think you can pull off and go with it.trendy outfit for the office amal clooney trendy office outfit


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