7 Outfit Combinations That Work Every Time

A perfect outfit lies not only in great color choices but also a good balance in your silhouette and proportions. If you’re in a hurry, it proves extremely helpful to have an arsenal of formulas that we already know look amazing and fit well. So, if you find yourself in a sartorial rut, keep on reading for our 7 outfit combinations that work every time.

  1. Boxy Top + Pleated Skirt

boxy top with pleated skirt

sweater with pleated skirt embellished top with pleated skirt

Since a boxy top don’t highlight your slim waist, pairing it with a pleated skirt with flared silhouette will keep your looks balanced and sleek. Wearing a boxy top with a pair of skinny jeans or miniskirts may sometimes work, but it can only make you look top heavy since you don’t have a waist definition. Like fashion blogger Ella Catliff, team your embellished top with a boxy silhouette with a pleated skirt in a stiff fabric like neoprene to keep everything sleek and chic.

  1. Blazer or Jacket + Shorts

bomber jacket with shorts leather shorts with tuxedo blazer leather shorts with suede jacket denim shorts with blazer

Since shorts already display your legs, keeping your top a bit conservative is a way to go. Just like how you pair tank top with jeans, top team your shorts with a jacket or blazer that will keep your overall outfit balanced and proportioned. It’s up to you whether to go for a tuxedo blazer to complement your leather shorts, or a brightly colored jacket to add some pop to your denim shorts.

  1. Oversized Top + Skinny Jeans

oversized turtleneck sweater with ripped jeans skinny pants with oversized coat skinny pants with oversized coat and animal print bag

Though wearing oversized with oversized is becoming a major trend right now, teaming it with something fitted like a pair of jeans would be great to keep your street style a bit trendy yet polished. Whether it’s a coat, sweater, turtleneck, or blazer, a pair of skinny jeans will give a balanced look to your outfit.

  1. Long Top + Leggings

grunge outfit with zipped boots polka dots top with black leggings leather leggings with lace up top

The ideal way to wear your leggings, a long top will cover your front and rear while keeping your looks breezy and chic. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may actually opt for a polka dots blouse with A-line or billowy structure to keep your looks feminine and chic on a pair of leggings.

  1. Sleeved Top + Miniskirt

collared top with pencil skirt sleeved top with short skirt lace top with pencil skirt

Since a miniskirt reveals a lot of your legs, keep your top piece conservative with a sleeved top. Like Ella Catliff, you may opt for a chiffon blouse that go perfectly with a metallic miniskirt, or team your button-down shirt with a full miniskirt that will give you some preppy vibe.

  1. Crop Top + Maxi Skirt

crop top with maxi skirt off shoulder ruffled crop topw ith printed skirt crop top with striped maxi skirt

One of the most feminine and decent ways to wear a crop top, a maxi skirt will keep your style feminine and romantic. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may opt for a ruffled crop top and a floral print maxi skirt to keep your summer style breezy.

  1. Slouchy Top + Structured Skirt

slouchy top with architectural skirt architectural statement sandals with sporty chic sweater and skirt architectural skirt with button down blouse

Modern and trendy, wearing your slouchy top with a structured skirt will keep the balance on your outfit. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, team your sporty-chic sweater with a structured skirt and a pair of architectural heels to keep everything coordinated. By following these outfit combinations, you’ll create a fashion-forward look every time.

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