7 Out-of-the-Box Engagement Rings Hip and Trendy Brides will Love

Traditional is good but when you’re someone who’s artistic and you’re always wanting things that are new, hip, and trendy, going traditional may not be the best route to take. As a bride who’s not crazy about going traditional, picking out an engagement ring for yourself is no big deal. It’s a great way for your partner to be confident about you loving your ring. If you’re in the process of looking for an engagement ring, check out these out-of-the-box engagement ring styles that you will surely fall head over heels with.

  1. Twig ring – for the nature-loving girls out there, these twig rings with scattered diamonds are sure to be a hit.twig ring
  2. Love loop – this gorgeous diamond-encrusted ring that features a main pear cut diamond is just stunning and is perfect for the bride-to-be who isn’t too fond of the traditional engagement ring look / shape.love loop
  3. Dainty princess – minimalists will surely love this super simple and dainty but still elegant and chic engagement ring that features a princess cut diamond in the center and six smaller diamonds on the side.dainty princess
  4. Moonstone hex – looking for a more affordable option but don’t want to compromise style and quality? Instead of going for big diamonds, opt to have them smaller and on the side and make the main gem a moonstone. This double banded moonstone hex ring will show you how moonstone can be just as dreamy as diamonds.moonstone hex
  5. Stacking engagement rings – for those who want options, going for stacking engagement rings might just be the best way to go. You can wear just one part of the whole ring if you want something dainty or stack everything on for more of a statement kind of bling.stacked crown and pear diamond engagement ring stacked engagement ring style stacked lux engagement rings stacked three piece ring stacked triple threat
  6. Royal romance – not everyone can be a royal but anyone can dream to be one! if you’re all about royalty, check out his gorgeous crown ring featuring a triangular diamond as its main gem. The crown part adds a nice elegant touch to the whole look of the ring.royal romance
  7. Drop dead gorgeous – this chandelier-type drop-gem ring is just drop dead gorgeous. It’s very unique and definitely perfect for the bride-to-be who’s looking for something that’s one-of-a-kind.chandelier style

If you could choose any engagement ring for yourself, what style would you go for? Would you choose a more traditional-looking ring? Or would you opt for something more unique and different?


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