7 No-Sew Scarf Tops and Dresses

If, one day, you open your closet and realize that you have way too many scarves, your first instinct might be to do a purge and get rid of some that you no longer use as often as you did back when you first got it and while that seems like the right thing to do, it’s not really all that practical. Instead of getting rid of those scarves you spent your hard-earned money on, why not upcycle them and give them new life? Here are a few no sew scarf tops and dresses that you can make for this season.

  1. Beach cover up top – let’s start off with an easy one. This quick and simple beach cover up top is sexy and stylish; you won’t even think it’s made from a mere scarf! Wear it with denim shorts for a nice beach / pool lounging look that’s chic and unique.beach cover up top
  2. Halter top – it’s been a while since we’ve seen some really good outfits that included a halter top and we’re on a mission to bring this style back into mainstream fashion because, honestly, halter tops are so perfect for summer and so easy to pull off. If you have a scarf that you love, why not try turning it into a halter top like these? This style is especially perfect for square scarves.halter top scarf outfit halter top
  3. Bikini top / bralette – love Rihanna’s style? Check out this blogger whose Rihanna impression is on point. She even had a photo recreating one of Rihanna’s snaps in the end. Not to mention the silk scarf bikini top she DIYed looks super cute!bra for the beach scarf diy bra top
  4. Scarf Vest – if you’ve got one of those insanely large scarves that you have no idea how to pull off, why not try wearing it as a vest? It’s a really chic way to add some layers to your summer outfit without making it look or feel uncomfortable. Here’s a video tutorial that you can follow. scarf vest outfit
  5. Scarf kimono – not sure vests are flattering for your figure? Add layers to your look by wearing your scarf as a kimono instead. Kimonos are flattering on just about any body type and they’re really easy to make with scarves too! No need to spend a ton on kimonos at the mall. Here’s the DIY videokimono scarf outfit
  6. Scarf dress – it’s amazing how many dress styles you can create with just one scarf! Here are some ideas that you can start and play with.scarf dress awesome scarf dress bright pink

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