7 Must Have Sunglasses for Spring and Summer

One of the things that I think no woman with a good sense of style should ever be without, especially for the warmer seasons like spring and summer, are sunglasses. Aside from protecting your eyes from the blindingly harsh rays of the sun, a good pair of sunglasses can also take your outfit to the next level and make it look extra chic and sophisticated. Different face shapes call for different styles of sunglasses but, thankfully, most of the ones that are on trend right now are universally flattering. Check out these must have sunglasses for spring and summer.cat eye all black sunglasses

oversized leopard print geometric animal print sunglasses

  1. Oversized sunglasses – anything oversized is perfect for spring and summer. These are perfect for those who do not know which styles flatter their faces because oversized frames are universally flattering.oversized sunglasses
  2. Cat eye sunglasses – cat eye sunglasses have been one of the top ‘must have’ styles of sunglasses for spring and summer these past few years and this year, they still make the list. There’s something about cat eye sunglasses that instantly boost the chicness level of our look.cat eye rose sunglasses
  3. Geometric – for those who want something unique and extraordinary, geometric sunglasses styles are the best choice for you. There are so many geometric frames for sunglasses out there ranging from super simple ones to ones that are crazy and cool.geometric gold and blue sunnies
  4. Wire rims – aviators, round, vintage, etc. – these are just some of the best styles to go for if you want wire rims on your sunglasses. Wire rims add a nice retro touch to your sunglasses and they’re super hot on trend right now.double wire rime sunglasses
  5. Round cat – round lenses combined with a cat eye frame are perfect for spring and summer. The cat eye frame adds that modern, sophisticated touch while the round lenses provide your pair with that vintage, retro-ish vibe which is also very hot right now.red round cat eye sunglasses modern-retro
  6. Mirrored lenses – mirrored lenses are another trend for spring and summer sunglasses. Forget about blue / green mirrored lenses and go for silver, gold, and rose gold mirrored lenses instead to get that chic vibe that’s very now.mirrored rainbow lenses
  7. Embellished – for the DIY junkies out there, embellished sunglasses are good news. Aside from being trendy, they’re also a great way to repurpose old sunnies and put them to use again. Floral embellishments are super popular right now but there are so many other styles out there, too, for you to explore.embellished sunglasses


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