7 Mermaid Nail Art Ideas

Everything mermaid is all the rage right now – from mermaid hair, mermaid eyes, to even mermaid nails. If you’re a nail junkie, you know this trend has been around for quite some time now but it is currently having a moment and the internet is filled with all sorts of mermaid inspired nail designs for you to be inspired by, from simple jellies and holos to more complicated 3d to 5d nail art. Here are some mermaid nail art ideas that you might want to get on your next nail appointment.

  1. Mermaid scales – this gorgeous nail art design is so easy to make, you’ll want to do it on your nails with a different color every day. All you need to get the work done is some mermaid scale stencil vinyls and your choice of polish colors. We recommend a regular white or silver base and a holographic scale color.gold and turquoise mermaid scales
    holo scales
  2. Tsum Tsum – if you’re all about the cute nails, this Disney Tsum Tsum inspired look might just be what you’re looking for. It’s a great way to show your love for your favorite Disney movie The Little Mermaid, too.tsum tsum
  3. Midnight Mermaid – want to try something different? This midnight mermaid nail art design is not something you see every day when it comes to mermaid inspired nails. It’s got a more grown up vibe to it but is still super sexy and sassy.midnight mermaid
  4. Simple silhouettes – if you’re a firm believer of less is more, this simple mermaid silhouette nail art is going to be perfect for you. You can even choose to have it just on your accent nail and keep the rest plain with a solid color for that minimalist look with just the right hint of fun.simple silhouette
  5. Treasures of the sea – this gorgeous nail art design is inspired by the treasures of the sea as you can tell by the glittering gold madness that is going on. This is perfect for the girls who want to go all out on the glam and just bling out their nails.treasures of the sea nail art design treasures of the sea nail art treasures of the sea
  6. Negative space shells – negative nails are on trend right now so why not incorporate it with another trend that is the mermaid inspired nail art to create a look that’s unique and chic.negative space shell
  7. Under the Sea – if you’re a big fan of The Little Mermaid, here’s another way to give tribute to your favorite mermaid and her friends. A Little Mermaid inspired nail art decoration can be done by either drawing freehand or by using nail stickers. Either way, it’s a cute and fun way to decorate your nails.little mermaid characters nail art little mermaid nail art little mermaid

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