7 Heel Hacks to Help You Survive Partying All Night

Wearing heels can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because you know your legs never looked as good as they do when you’re wearing heels (long, slender and sexy!) but at the same time they can be a real pain to deal with because they put so much strain on your feet, making it almost impossible to walk and stand in them for long hours. Here are a few heels hacks to help you survive partying all night, especially with so many holiday parties just right around the corner.

  1. TIPS FOR SHOPPING – if you’re planning on copping a new pair of heels to go with your holiday party ensemble, shop at the store instead of doing it online. This will allow you to make sure the shoe fits and is comfortable. Another shopping tip is to go shoe shopping during the afternoon when your feet have ‘expanded’ to get a better fit.white heels and red pants for the holidays
  2. BREAKING IN HELPS – breaking in your shoes helps a lot. Think of this process as a primer for both your feet and your shoes to ‘get to know each other’. You can do this a day before the party (or even several days beforehand) by wearing your shoes all day, even if you’re just at home doing nothing. This step is a lifesaver and makes your new pair of heels so much more comfortable.chunky heels for the holidays heels in snow
  3. MAKE YOUR FEET SWEAT PROOF – having sweaty feet is the worst when you need to wear your heels all day long. It’s an uncomfortable feeling that’s almost intolerable plus the smell after a long day can be really off-putting, too! To sweat-proof your feet, use an anti-perspirant mist or sprinkle talcum powder on them before you slip them on.gorgeous holiday party outfit
  4. SLIP IN YOUR SECRET WEAPON – the ultimate secret weapon to making wearing heels all night long at a party is gel sole inserts. They’re discreet and they make your high heels experience a thousand times better and more pleasant.cute holiday outfit
  5. CHECK OUT CHUNKY HEELS – they’re really hot and on trend right now and what’s even better is that they’re less painful than your regular stiletto shoe because wider and chunkier heels offer more support.fab holiday outfitchic heels and outfit
  6. SIT WHEN YOU CAN – nothing makes your feet feel better than being at rest so sit when you can!patent leather heels and lbd
  7. PERFECT YOUR WALK – the way you walk says a lot about you but more than that, it can either help make your high heel experience a good one or a bad one. The key to walking comfortably in heels is to let your body sway naturally. Don’t go against it, just go with it.

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