7 Fashionable Styles You Can Create With Chokers

Known during the 17th century when Alexandra of Denmark wore this statement accessory, choker necklace made a spark of revival getting more stylish and fashionable than ever. A choker is a necklace that fits very tightly around the throat like a collar without draping down to the collarbone or chest. If you wish to create multiple looks wearing this statement accessory, keep on scrolling for style inspirations.

1. Casual Chic Style

casual chic outfit with choker

casual chic outfit with platform shoes and choker

You don’t necessarily need to go all out head-to-toe as you’re fine to tone down the rest of your outfit with a choker necklace. Thanks to its fashion-forward status, choker is a simple addition to your jewelry box that can revive your entire wardrobe even the most casual pieces like tank tops, basic tee, jeans, denim jacket, chambray shirt, and sweatshirts. In the presence of a statement accessory like a choker necklace, it becomes the focal point of your outfit whether you’re just wearing a tee-and-jeans combination or a crop top-and-shorts outfit combination. For basic outfits, you would want a bulky choker that will draw the attention towards your face while giving that enough amount of grandeur to your supposedly ordinary attire.

2. Feminine and Sophisticated Style

cobalt blue dress with choker pastel pink dress with choker gold choker with wrap dress feminine dress with choker

To provide more drama and sexiness to your neckline, opt for metallic chokers in gold or silver that look perfect with a chic dress. Just go for solid colors of your blouse or dress as you don’t want too much going on around your neck if you want the choker to be the main emphasis of your outfit. The easiest neckline style to wear with a choker is a top or dress with a plunging or scooped style to draw the attention to your face. There’s also a hint of allure and classic chic beauty that the style would give you looking elegant and sophisticated.

3. Edgy Style

edgy outfit with choker neon top and leather trousers with choker

Leather is known to be the edgiest fabric whether it’s a patent, genuine, or faux one. To channel your edgy and tough girl look, opt for leather outfits like a dress, sleeveless top, jacket, skirt, and even trousers to match your choker accessory. Chokers in metallic versions of gold or silver looks grand, but those versions with studs and spikes make it more edgy than ever.

4. Vintage and Retro Style

fur jacket with jeans retro outfit with choker vintage outfit with choker

When striving for this style, look for chokers with vintage touches like wooden beads or tribal-inspired accents in earthy shades. This would look good in your vintage outfits making them look more stylish. Think of peasant blouses, loose tops, peasant dresses, broomstick skirts, tiered skirts and such that will complete your vintage statement.

5. Gothic Style

gothic dress with choker gothic outfit with choker

Back then in the Victorian era, chokers were usually of black lacy material with dangling pendants as well as those with simple bands made of black swirl wires. If you wish to channel a gothic vibe, go for black plain-colored garments made from lace, velvet, chiffon, and even cotton that will look great with dangling chokers.

6. Avant-garde Fashion Style

avant-garde outfit with choker futuristic outfit with choker layered outfit with choker suit and pants with choker

If you’re an adventurous woman is bold looking unique, impeccable, and statement-making, avant-garde fashion style is for you. Go for creative asymmetrical cuts, unconventional silhouettes, and uniquely layered outfit that would go well with choker necklaces. If you may, just create your own choker accessory by tying or knotting a long ribbon or necktie on your neck showing off your creative skills.

7. Grunge Style

net dress with leather jacket graphic tee and skirt with choker flannel shirt with pants and boots leather crop top and skirt with choker

If you’re a fan of studs, spikes, and edgy details, look for chokers that will complement your fashion taste. Chokers with spikes in metallic trims scream the grunge feel without looking understated or underdressed. Flannel shirt, leather jackets, suede boots, graphic shirts, studded footwear and even dark makeup complete your grunge looks.

Just be creative with your sartorial choices so you’ll create a fashionable style with just one statement accessory.

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