7 Fall Fashion Pieces you Need to Have

Creating the perfect seasonal look is dependent on having the latest trends and items. If you want to capture the essence of autumn fashion, then here are the 7 fall fashion pieces that you need to have.

Sleeveless Knit

Although it’s cold outside, fall fashion pieces are not necessarily about maximum body coverage. Sometimes, it pays to show some skin as well. And by showing some skin, I mean wearing a sleeveless knit. Although it looks good by its own, it is better if you use it as a layering item with your other autumn pieces.

gray sleeveless knit

sleeveless knit

Brocade Pieces

When one thinks of brocade, one immediately conjures up the images of 15th century royals. While this might be the case for you, worry not as brocade has become one of the most elegant fall fashion pieces to wear. Although it’s perfect for formal work attires and nighttime events, wearing brocade with casual items can help you create an attire that’s perfect for daytime and weekend getaways.

orange brocade dress brocade dress

Rust-Colored Anything

Maybe it’s because Halloween is coming up that’s why rust-colored items have become the hottest fall fashion pieces to date. While the name of the color might shy you away from it, know that rust makes for a good base color for your autumn outfits.

olivia palermo rust top rust coat

Carwash Skirt

Reminiscent of the carwash, this skirt is one of the fall fashion pieces you need to have. Its long, thick fringes that sway with your every move can help you make a dramatic entrance (or photo.)

carwash skirt printed carwash skirt

Saddle Bag

Granted you want to bring all of your items in one swing, who are you to deny the backwoods charm of the saddle bag? Definitely small but terrible, the saddle bag has the unique structure and style that makes it one of the hottest fall fashion pieces. Since this style comes in a variety of price points, you can surely choose one that suits your budget.

vintage saddle bag black saddle bag

Midi Boot

The ankle boots and knee-high boots are good fall fashion pieces, but this time you should consider the midi boot. This mid-length footwear can help you establish an autumn style that can last until winter (and spring, maybe summer too!)

velvet midi boots black midi boot

Block Heel

Fall fashion pieces are not just about style, they are about as comfort as well. So if you want to be able to trudge the town in style, then make sure to invest in a pair or two of block heel shoes/sandals.

block heel shoes block heel boots

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