7 Edgy Ways to Add Studs and Spikes to Your Street Looks

If you’re a fan of studs and spikes but afraid of looking too grungy, rocker, or 80’s Madonna, start by incorporating these details gradually to your usual street outfit whether it’s chic, classic, or edgy. It can instantly add some edgy vibe to your feminine outfit, or even make your grunge outfit edgier. Keep on reading for edgy ways to incorporate the risky trend into your street looks.

  1. Edgy Footwear

casual chic outfit with studded heels and coat

statement shirt with mini skirt and studded heels studded heels with denim on denim outfit studded heels with fluid top and skirt

Whether a pair of classic pumps, flat sandals, combat boots, or stiletto heels, studs and spikes details make you enjoy this interesting urban trend with a great style. In case you’re looking for something that’s classy and fierce, opt for a pair of glamorous spiked pumps that will look great with your clubbing outfit like leather dresses or even miniskirts and sexy tops. On the other hand, studded flat sandals are more laid-back and cool perfect to match your denim-on-denim outfit. For a perfect balance of comfort and trendy, go for ankle boots with studs and spikes that will go well with your trendy street looks.

  1. Edgy Jewelry

gold necklace with spikes grunge outfit with choker spikes accessories and corset belt

Whether a spiked choker or a chain necklace, spikes and studs make your outfit edgy. For a more glamorous style, go for metallic finishes like a silver or gold necklace. On the other hand, if grunge and rock are your styles, better opt for black or bronze shades of your jewelry making them look edgier and more stylish.

  1. Edgy Hats

all black outfit with studded hat studded beanie with grunge outfit studded cap with grunge outfit

If you think hats are only for feminine looks, you’re wrong. There are fedora hats, baseball caps, beanies, and even floppy hats with spikes and studs ornaments that can instantly take your outfit to a great new look. If you’re a sporty kind of girl, beanies and baseball caps with spikes or studs will be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you wish to maintain your feminine vibe while keeping some edginess to your outfit, opt for brimmed hats with these edgy details.

  1. Edgy Bags

edgy outfit with studded backpack studded belt with black dres

Bags are a great accessory that can make or break your outfit. If you wish for a more laid-back and sporty vibe, go for backpacks with studs and spikes details and in dark colors. Your party outfit can look more edgy by going for a clutch with classic shades with spikes and studs in metallic finishes. Gold and silver always look glamorous while darker shades of black, red, and navy look grungy.

  1. Edgy Tops

spiked shoulder blouse with spiked boots studded sweater with edgy shoes

If you feel more adventurous in your street looks, opt for tops with studs and spikes whether it’s a sweater, loose top, crop top, chiffon blouse, button down shirt, tank top, and such. Keep the details on the most convenient style for you like on shoulders or necklines rather than your back or your sleeves. When wearing these edgy tops on the streets, keep in mind if they would be appropriate if you’re taking the train, sitting on the couch, or even walking on the streets.

  1. Edgy Outerwear

edgy jacket with casual outfit grunge outfit with spiked jacket leather jacket with spikes and high waist pants

Jackets, coats, blazers, and vest are great ensembles to make your simple outfit looks edgy. The great thing about them is you can simply put them on or off when the setting calls for it. Spiked leather jackets are more expressive and bold compared to casual tops. So pick the outerwear that suits your lifestyle and preference.

  1. Edgy Shorts and Skirts

white denim shorts with chic top studded leather shorts with chic top studded heels with leather skirt and white shirt studded denim shorts with black top edgy outfit with boots

Whether you’re a fan of leather or denim, spikes and studs details on your bottom piece can make your overall outfit looks edgy. Leather is edgy itself, so better opt for contrasting fabrics on your top like a cotton, lace or chiffon to avoid looking overdone. These bottoms are statement-making already so avoid mixing them with your statement tops and accessories. Instead, go for a simple and muted shade on your top to make your bottom pieces make a statement on its own.

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