7 Cute Earrings You’ll Love to Wear this Month

Earrings can make or break your look. If you don’t have time to wear make-up, you must at least wear a stunning pair of earrings! Complete your look with these cute earrings that you ought to wear this month (and the other months too!)

The Simpler, the Better

If you are a fan of all things simple, then you are best off with a plain (yet eye-catching) stud earrings. Just like Angelina Jolie and Khloe Kardashian, a big-ass diamond earring (or fancy cute earrings if you can’t afford such stones) can transcend your look from plain to elegant.

stud earrings

diamond stud

Shoot the Hoop

Hoop earrings might be larger than life, but they are perfect if you want to catch the attention of people in a simple yet stylish way. Cute earrings in hoop designs make for good additions to an otherwise plain outfit with a no-makeup makeup look.

hoop earrings hoop earring

Go Floral

Spring might be over and done with, but this is not a reason to not wear cute earrings with flowers. In fact, the more ornate, the better! Take the model below, who’s just so happy with her bouquet of flowers by the ear!

floral earrings floral earring

…or Go Tribal

Tribal fashion is hot nowadays. But if you can’t seem to perfect this style mix, you can always go for tribal earrings. Owned by Rachel Zoe and Blake Lively, among many other celebs, tribal earrings add a natural look to a casual attire – even a formal one.

tribal earrings tribal earring

Statement Danglers

Dangling earrings are stylish, without a doubt. But if you want to stand out from the rest, then go for cute earrings that make a statement! Such is the case of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who looks beautiful in her skinny asterisk earrings. Another stellar example is Ariana Grande, who looks very youthful in her fur ball earrings.

asterisk earrings ball earrings

Get Stoned

Shiny stones are loved by many girls. Whether you do or do not, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear cute earrings with valuable stones. Be it emerald, ruby, or topaz, precious stone earrings can add the sheen and shimmer that your face will be thankful for.

precious stone earrings stone earrings

It’s All About the Brand

Are you a brand lover? Then profess your love for a certain line by wearing it on your ears. Yes, there are many cute earrings with brand stamps all over, especially if you have money to spill for these baubles. Since they are statement-makers by themselves, you can wear these earrings with plain outfits and still look expensive.

designer earrings chanel earrings

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