7 Coachella Style Hacks You Should Try

Coachella is happening soon and for those of you who are going, I’m sure you’re pretty pumped! Aside from the music and good company, one other thing that a lot of girls look forward to during Coachella season is fashion. Yes, music fests like Coachella are a gold mine for fashion inspiration, especially chic summer style. If you, yourself, are looking for more ways to look fab for the festival, check out these Coachella style hacks.

  1. Go for one-piece wonders – fashion and style has become such a huge part of festivals like Coachella which is why a lot of the people, girls especially, who come to this event make it a point to look their best. If you want a fail-safe look (first timers, listen), go for one-piece outfit like an easy sun dress, a cool jumpsuit, a sexy romper, and the like.one piece lace up style dress
    one piece cute dress printed
  2. Show some skin – showing off a bit of skin during Coachella not only gives your outfit a boost of sexy, it also helps keep you cool while you’re standing under the sun while jamming out to your favorite tunes.sexy coordinates outfit with lace trim sexy sheer look
  3. Wear the right shoes – when picking shoes to go with your Coachella outfit, be sure to pick ones that won’t sink into the grass. This means no to stilettos or heels and yes to boots, sneakers, flat sandals and the like.shoe lace up sandals for coachella shoes for coachella
  4. Bikinis make great outfits – Coachella is one of the very few times when you can make a complete outfit with just your bikini and a few other pieces. Top off your bikini with a Boho-style cardigan, wear something sheer on top of it, or wear it straight up and plain paired with your favorite cut-off shorts – the outfit possibilities are practically endless.bikini crochet outfit for coachella bikini with sheer coverup dress
  5. Choose useful accessories – when it comes to dressing up for Coachella, it’s important to make everything count and that includes accessories. Choose useful accessories that do not only add style but serve a purpose as well. Examples of these include sunglasses, scarves, and sling bags.useful head turban accessory useful shades accessory
  6. Layer your accessories – instead of wearing just one statement piece, go for daintier accessories (jewelry) and layer them up to create a trendy, chic look that’s sure to stand out.layered necklaces and bracelets layered jewelry accessories
  7. Stick to your style – during Coachella, you’ll see mostly Boho-inspired outfits but if you’re not a big Boho gal yourself, you don’t have to feel obligated to dress up like so. You can stick to your own style, even if it’s nowhere near Boho, and still look fab. Just remember to choose weather-appropriate pieces to keep you comfy all weekend long.non boho coachella style non boho look


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