7 Classy Bridal Nails

There are a lot of things that brides tend to get worked up about before their big day and while nails are definitely not as big as the dress, the hair, or the makeup, it sure it something that helps pull the whole look together. If you’re a bride-to-be looking for ideas on how you want your nails to look on your wedding day, check out these gorgeous and classy bridal nail art and design. You’ll love wearing these on your wedding day and beyond.

  1. Nude lace – the combination of a nude base and white lace makes for the perfect bridal nail look. Use vinyl stencils for the perfect intricate design or go for lacy nail appliqués for bolder nails that are sure to pop.nude lace nail art for brides
    nude lace nails nude nails and lace design
  2. Blinged out bride – let the world know you mean your “I do” not just by saying so when the officiant asks you but by having the phrase on your nails, too! This gorgeous blinged out nail art look is the perfect way to do so.I do
  3. White ombre – white nails have long been most brides’ go to nail look for their big day. It’s the biggest nail cliché and if the idea of having stark, white nails doesn’t excite you, perhaps giving it a bit of an edge will? Try white ombre nails like these and have the best of both worlds. After all, you’re the bride and you deserve it.white ombre french white ombre nail with bling white ombre nails
  4. Greek goddess – sometimes less is, indeed, more and this super chic nail art look is one of the best proofs to show for it. White nails accented with a gold stripe create the simplest and most stylish bridal nails and they have a very posh vibe to them as well.white gold
  5. Nice and neutral – if white nails aren’t your thing, you can opt for this ultra classy and posh nail art design instead. It’s the perfect way to achieve classy statement nails without going overboard.nice and neutral
  6. Floral fest – this simple but gorgeous floral nail art is so perfect for the bride who loves all things girly. The blushing pink hue, the floral appliqué and the dainty silver beads all make for a very feminine nail look that’s perfect for your big day.floral fest
  7. Watercolor – for the artsy bride, this watercolor nail art look is perfect. The soft shades look gorgeous against white or nude nails and you can add 3d appliqués to make the look stand out even more.watercolor

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