7 Chic Ways to Rock a Center Part

They say having a center part is boring and most ladies who have it tend to part their hair in a different direction, often opting for a side part, because it looks much more interesting but that isn’t always true. My hair is naturally parted right down in the center and I actually kind of love it and think it’s much better to play around with, especially when trying out new hairstyles. Whether you have a side part and you’re thinking of trying out a center part or your hair is naturally parted in the center like mine, check out these chic ways to rock a center part.

  1. Braided pigtails – who would’ve thought that this childhood favorite would look so great on grown-ups? Give braided pigtails a grown up twist by wearing it with a slightly messier style. You can also give it a more voluminous twist by teasing your pigtails before braiding them. Of course, you can also keep it super neat and tight, especially if you’re planning on wearing it to the gym which is what they’re perfect.pigtail hairstyle for grown up
    pigtails braided kendall
  2. Koko-inspired ponytail – the ponytail maybe one of the simplest hairstyles you can rock but you can always give it more character and attitude with the right style and accessories and that’s exactly what Khloe Kardashian, aka Koko, did with hers.koko low ponytail sleek koko ponytail
  3. Dutch braid – if you consider yourself more of a braid kind of girl and you want a hairstyle that will allow you to rock that center part, go for a Dutch braid. This is the perfect braid style for center parts because it calls for braids on both sides which means you don’t have to disrupt your hair’s natural part.dutch braid
  4. Shoelace braid updo – this gorgeous hairstyle looks complicated but it is super easy to make and is perfect for women with a center part. It’s as easy as tying your hair to create loops and then finishing off with a fishtail braid bun (if you like).shoe lace braid
  5. Glam retro bouffant – this gorgeous look is perfect for adding a hint of retro to your look. It is inspired by Amy Winehouse and is perfect for everyday since it’s super easy and super cute.retro bouffant
  6. Half crown twist – this hairstyle is another really easy one that you can do in literally under 10 minutes. It’s a gorgeous look that you can wear everyday though you can dress it up with some hair accessories as well if you want to go for a dressier hair look. lace rose braid half crown twist how to
  7. Lace Rose – if you’re into cute braided hairstyles, this one is going to be perfect for you. The Lace Rose braid is a romantic hairstyle that’s perfect for all the girly girls out there, especially those with a natural center part.

lace rose braid


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