7 Chic Must Haves for Your Fall Work Wardrobe

When it comes to creating stylish outfits, basics are important. These pieces are never out of style and they’re always good for something, no matter what the season is. To get a trendier and more stunning fashionable look, though, you have to keep up with the trends. Every year, the trends change but one thing remains and that is every fashionista’s desire to wear the latest and the hottest. If you know what I’m talking about, check out these chic must-haves for your fall work wardrobe.

  1. Oversized scarf – an oversized scarf is always a welcome addition to any fashionista’s fall wardrobe. Not only is an oversized scarf the perfect way to get warm and cozy inside an air-conditioned office, it’s also a great way to dress up even the simplest and most boring look for the workplace.midi-asymmetrical-pencil-skirt
  2. Pencil cut midi skirt – this one is a must have for fall if you want to achieve that sexy office look without baring too much skin. The figure-hugging cut of the pencil skirt is enough to provide your look with that sexy vibe that you need.midi-pencil-skirt-leather midi-asymmetrical-pencil-skirt
  3. Tuxedo jacket – add an air of casual and laidback sophistication to your fall look by topping off your outfit with a nice tuxedo jacket this fall. This is a great alternative to your usual workplace blazer on days when you want something different.tux-style-jacket-old-rose-color tuxedo-style-jacket-outfit
  4. Trench coat – no outerwear is more perfect for the office during fall than the good ol’ trusty Trench Coat. It’s simple, functional, and sophisticated and it’s great for keeping yourself warm while you are outside. Add a belt to give your look more shape or wear it open for a bit of that fashionista off duty vibe.trench-coat-outfit trench-coat-in-suede
  5. Cape – whether it’s a cape coat or a cape jacket, anything that has that cape-like look is something you definitely want to add to your fall work wardrobe this year. Capes bring about so much drama and they’re perfect for creating a statement in the workplace.cape-dress-outfit cape-and-dress
  6. Flat boots – the great thing about boots is that even if you get them flat, they’re still really dressy so you can wear them to work on cold days instead of letting your feet suffer from high heels and stilettos.flat-red-boots-and-jeans flat-boots
  7. Cowl neck top – if fall isn’t all too warm for you just yet, it’s best to skip the turtle neck and go for something a little bit more relaxed instead like cowl neck. These are great for the office as well as for everyday street style looks.cowl-neck-sweater-and-suede-skirt cowl-neck-top



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