7 Bright Yellow Accessories to Wear

Bright yellow is typically playful, vibrant, sunshine-inspired that can be great to incorporate into your seemingly dull outfits. Since this trend is more personality-based than style-based, you must feel comfortable wearing it. Looking for stylish ways to add some flair to your otherwise understated outfit? Keep on reading for our list to brighten up your fashion style.

  1. Jewelry

gold jewelry with navy outfit

sporty chic outfit with gold rings gold bangles and gold necklace with chic outfit yellow and orange necklace with colorful outfit

Bright yellow jewelry whether in the form of fancy beads or gemstones add some pop of color to your simple outfit. For a more playful look, copy fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur’s style of wearing her neon colored shorts and feminine top with a statement necklace in bright colors. If you’re not a fan of bright shades, the simply go for a set of gold jewelry to make your style elegant and luxurious. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, layer your gold necklaces and bracelets creatively for a trendy but glamorous look. Dark colors like black, navy, and burgundy create a high contrast with gold making them look more vibrant and statement-making.

  1. Hats and Beanies

yellow beanie with edgy outfit

Heading for a sunny day? Go for a bright yellow hat that surely makes a statement. Just be careful wearing shiny and metallic textiles if you don’t wish to blind someone as the yellow color is so striking. If you feel a little laid back or effortless on your casual style, then simply opt for a bright yellow beanie to add some pop of color to your neutral-colored outfit like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur did.

  1. Bags and Clutches

button-down shirt with yellow pants yellow dress with yellow clutch and pastel blue coat yellow clutch with denim jacket and purple maxi skirt yellow clutch with cobalt blue and white outfit yellow bag with leather gloves and winter outfit quirky heart print shirt with yellow heels color blocked dress with yellow clutch and lace up heels yellow sling bag with casual outfit

Whether you wish to wear your yellow-colored bags to match your yellow-colored ensembles or simply wish to add some pop of color, these accessories can make your style outstanding and playful. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may add some intentional vibe to your outfit by wearing your purple skirt and denim jacket with a yellow-colored clutch, as well as a cobalt blue outfit, creating a high and sharp contrast with the clashing shades.

  1. Belts

yellow belt with edgy outfit

If you’re not a fan of a monochromatic look, but you found your closet full of neutral-colored ensembles, simply spice your timeless pieces with a yellow belt that makes them look modern, playful, and vibrant in an instant. Narrow yellow belts, as well as wide gold belts, will add some pop to your outfit depending on how casual or glamorous you wish your looks to be.

  1. Shoes and Sneakers

jumpsuit with yellow coat and clogs neon yellow pumps with denim on denim outfit neon yellow pumps with geometric print dress neon yellow pumps with metallic skirt and graphic top purple dress with yellow pumps neon yellow pumps with white tank top and pants neon yellow pumps with peplum top and leggings colorful sweater with yellow sneakers

Wearing a pair of neon yellow pumps is a means of getting trendy on your feminine style while keeping it chic. Fashion blogger Blair Eadie made her style versatile by wearing her yellow colored pumps on her denim-on-denim outfits, modern outfits, feminine outfits, and even party-ready outfits. If you’re a jeans-and-shirt type of girl, then simply resort to a pair of yellow colored sneakers, distressed jeans and casual sweater or tee keeping the focus on your brightly colored pieces.

  1. Scarf

yellow scarf with bag and cut out dress

If you think a brightly-colored scarf is too harsh near your face, then simply tie it on your bag to add some pop of shade especially if you’re wearing black. Brown looks more complementing to yellow creating a low color contrast compared to black. But, fashion blogger Kristina Bazan creatively pulled the look by going for an all black outfit, and tied a yellow scarf on her black structured bag.

  1. Head Accessories

bow headband with yellow bag and cobalt blue outfit

Bags, scarves, and necklaces are great accessories to incorporate into your everyday style. But if you’re a fan of a girly look, then be arty and preppy with yellow colored accessories on your head whether it’s a hair clip, hair pin, turban, or a headband. This way, you’ll look more fashion-forward and trendy on wearing bright yellow accessories.

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