7 Amazing Benefits of Thrift Shopping You Probably Never Expected

Thrift shops may be uncomfortable compared to shopping at malls, but thrift and consignment shops have a lot of benefits that extend far beyond that trip to the local Goodwill. You may remember checking thrift shops for cheaper clothes to update your wardrobe, or you may be someone who checks thrift stores around vintage accessories to collect antiques. So, keep on reading for the 7 amazing benefits that will encourage you to forego your trip to a big department store and check out a secondhand shop instead.

  1. You’ll develop a unique wardrobe.



If you shop at fast fashion stores, you’re bound to run into other women wearing the same outfits. Thrift shops have a much more diverse assortment of clothing, meaning you’re less likely to find yourself wearing the same top or dress as a friend. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, you could find a ruffled cold shoulder top that will be great with your basic pants, or a vintage high-low skirt that you can wear with a miniskirt that will make your style unique and original.

  1. You may discover designer products at a fraction of the price.


Generally, a designer dress could normally sell for about $80 that can be bought for only $5 at a local thrift store. If you dig through the racks, you might be surprised by the quality brands you can purchase at a steep discount. You may find Victorian dresses, designer tops, trendy bottoms and such that will update your wardrobe in a cheaper price.

  1. The clothes are already broken in.

denim-jacket-with-jeans-and-sweater wide-leg-pants-with-pastel-pink-blazer

Sure, you’ll want to avoid those shirts with stretched out necklines and the unraveling sweaters, but in many cases, buying clothes secondhand is advantageous because items are pre-washed and preshrunk. That means if something fits in the store, you don’t have to worry about losing that fit when you throw it in the laundry as it’s sturdy enough.

  1. Thrift shopping is like going on a treasure hunt.


If you get bored shopping for clothes at department stores or boutiques where items are neatly laid out and clearly labeled, you may be a thrift shopper. If you’re looking for adventure, go for secondhand shopping that let you dig through the racks for your own personal treasures. Remember, thrift shops have a constantly changing selection where you can expect to see completely different products at your local thrift store from one week to the next.

  1. Thrift stores let you explore diverse styles.

floral-print-matching-set-with-tights vintage-floral-print-maxi-skirt-with-leather-top

You may not like every item of clothing you find at your local thrift store, but you can at least have fun looking at diverse styles of garments. You can also find genuine vintage items that you can add to your existing collection. Remember, fashion is cyclical and designers often try to mimic the looks of different decades. When you shop at thrift stores, you can often find clothing that was actually made in the decade that’s coming back into style. Also, you can find some items that are no longer made like an iconic T-shirt that was only made in the 80s.

  1. Thrift shopping sets you up for some great DIY projects.

sheer-black-blouse-with-forest-green-pants skinny-jeans-with-long-top-and-biker-jacket

Whether you want to transform your shirts into tank tops or make skirt out from a dress, you can find the basic materials for your DIY projects at a local thrift store. A great thing, it will hone your creative skills to create outfits from cheaper yet chic pieces.

  1. Thrift shopping is environmentally friendly.

white-blazer-with-leather-leggings-and-dress jacket-tied-on-waist-with-grunge-boots

Thrift shopping is a great way to recycle as you can donate clothes you no longer wear and buy more clothes, eliminating waste in the process. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to get more economical, practical, and creative on your street style.

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