6 Winter Layering Combos that Work

Dressing up and looking chic in winter can be quite a challenge if you haven’t mastered the art of layering yet. Layering is a styling technique that allows you to have the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and style. While feeling your way through a chic and cozy outfit sure is possible, it could eat up a lot of time. Here are some winter layering combos that work all the time. Check them out and maybe use them as a reference the next time you need something quick and chic.

  1. Fur and knits – knitted pieces always have a place in any fashionable girl’s winter wardrobe and if you have a few couple that you feel have lost their charm, all you really need to do is layer them up with some fur to bring them back to life and give them that sophisticated, elegant vibe. This combo is perfect on days when you want something casual and a little dressy that’s also warm and cozy.knitted sweater and fur cowl
    knitted scarf and fur jacket
  2. Camel and red plaid – there’s something about the combination of anything camel such as a camel coat and red plaid as in a red plaid scarf that makes anyone look so posh and stylish. This combo is rather neutral with a bit of oomph and it is perfect for everyday.camel cardigan and plaid camel jacket and red plaid scarf
  3. Turtleneck and vest – if you’re wondering if there’s any way to layer up that turtleneck top without looking too bulky, try wearing a cute little vest on top. This can be anything from an everyday puffer vest to a more posh leather vest with gorgeous hardware. The combination of a turtleneck and vest is great if you just want to add a bit of warmth to your outfit.turtleneck and leather vest turtleneck and maxi vest
  4. Short skirts and tall boots – if you feel like showing some skin today but don’t want to freeze your legs off, the combination of a short skirt and tall boots is just what you need. You can also layer with tights in between to make the outfit even cozier.short skirt and boots short skirt and boots with tights
  5. Slip dress and sweater – slip dresses are quite hot on trend right now and there’s nothing easier to pull them off with than a chunky sweater. This combo has the perfect balance between everyday street style and boudoir sexy.slip dress and orange sweater slip dress and cozy sweater
  6. Maxi skirt and boots – you may think you found the perfect combo when you wore your maxi with those gorgeous flats but wait ‘til you try them out with boots. This combo is much more comfy and far more edgy, too. For a truly striking look, go for the girliest maxi you can find and pair it up with the most rugged, beat-up pair of boots you own.

maxi skirt with slit and snakeskin boots maxi dress and boots

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