6 Wild Hair Colors to Try Out

It can be said that spring is the most wonderful time of the year, with the ushering of blossoming flowers and what not. From the drab white winter, emerges a splash of beautiful colors. And just like the lovely spring blossoms, you can add happiness into your life by trying out these wild hair colors.

Light Pink

Neon pink is so yesterday. This era, light pink wild hair colors are what you need to try out! The soft, pastel color can help you create a soft, simple look. Again, there is no need for you to do much with your hairstyle, as the light pink hue itself can help you achieve the stunning look that you want.

light pink hairdo

light pink hair

Light Blue

Want to try wild hair colors that will prepare you for the coming summer? Then opt for a light blue wash. This hue is reminiscent of the beach – and seeing your hair alone will make you want to clamor for summer!

light blue hairdo light blue hair

Mint Green

Looking for wild hair colors that are as cool as they look? Then be like Kylie Jenner and go for mint green locks. After all, the color green is the color of spring. It signifies rebirth and renewal as well. If you have a new lease in life – or if you just want to achieve a new look – then a mint green ‘do is best for you!

kylie jenner mint green hair mint green hair


Pastel hues are best for the spring season. So if you are looking for unique and wild hair colors to try out, then go for lavender hair! Loved by many celebrities, lavender represents decadence. Yes, this color will make you look like you are living in a lap of luxury!

nicole ritchie lavender hair lavender hair


In the olden days, gray hair was looked down upon – because it means you are aging. However, the times have changed! Now, gray is considered as one of the hottest wild hair colors to try out. Because of the neutrality of its shade, it’s perfect for women who can’t afford to try out the aforementioned wild hair colors.

gray hairdo gray hair color

Rainbow Bright

Can’t decide which wild hair colors to try out? Save yourself from the confusion and try all of them – at this very instance! What’s great about rainbow wild hair colors is that they look fierce no matter how you wear them. Leave it be or wear it in a braid, know that you will always be the darling of the crowd with your rainbow wild hair colors.

rainbow hair color rainbow color

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