6 Ways to Wear the Tuxedo Fashion Trend

Tuxedo is in vogue from more than hundred years and evolved itself as an icon of male elegance. However, the timeless staple is now embraced by women that withstand the informal dressing. Whether you’re a fan of a borrowed-from-boys look or simply wish to add some edge to your style, keep on reading for our 6 ways on wearing the tuxedo fashion trend.

  1. Borrowed-from-Boys Style

borrowed from boys outfit

tuxedo blazer with cropped pants and bow-tie structured vest with leather trousers and pointy loafers

To create a tomboyish or a borrowed-from-boys look, wear two masculine pieces at a time and skip those feminine dresses and ruffled tops. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, complete your boyish outfit with a trilby hat, oxford shoes, or a bow-tie that will create a bold statement. You may also go for a button-down shirt that’s usually worn by gentlemen with their tuxedos that will create an intentional look.

  1. Sexy and Sleek Style

female tuxedo with tank top and boots tuxedo blazer with skinny pants skinny jeans with tuxedo blazer sexy borrowed from boys outfit

To make your masculine ensemble a bit sexy, trade your straight leg pants with sexy shorts or skinny jeans, and your button-down shirts with crop tops and camisoles. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, show some skin by wearing a sheer camisole that will give you a sexy and sleek look. Just complete your statement with a pair of sexy sandals or classic pumps.

  1. Feminine Chic Style

blue crop top with blazer and pants tuxedo blazer with fur skirt and ankle strap sandals tuxedo blazer with brooch and choker-scarf burgundy tuxedo with accordion skirt and metallic silver pumps

If you think tuxedo blazers are too masculine to work for your feminine style, think again. Feminine dresses, chiffon blouses, full skirts and such can be complemented with a tuxedo to balance their flirty vibe. Like fashion blogger Sydne Summer, team your burgundy tuxedo blazer with a metallic skirt and a silk top and a statement necklace that will bring glam to your modern style.

  1. Casual-Chic Style

leather crop top with tuxedo and denim shorts tuxedo vest with colored jeans and tank top tuxedo blazer with casual outfit tuxedo blazer with black blouse and ripped jeans

Since blazers can dress up any outfit, take advantage of tuxedos to dress up your casual outfits, especially denim jeans, cut-off shorts and such. Like street style star Olivia Palermo, add some flair to your street style by topping a structured blazer with your jeans and a button-down shirt. Graphic tees, tank tops, plain shirts and such can be spiced up by a tuxedo blazer, making your casual style fashion-forward.

  1. Edgy and Daring Style

leather tuxedo with slit dress tuxedo blazer with striped athletic pants tuxedo blazer with sheer top and skinny jeans tuxedo blazer with edgy outfit and peep toe boots

Wearing your tuxedo jacket with leather ensembles and edgy pieces will create a daring look. Think of structured pointy boots, black shift dresses, sheer bodysuits, and architectural tops that will look modern yet classic with a tuxedo blazer.

  1. Business and Corporate Style

tuxedo blazer with suit and white top tuxedo blazer with straight leg pants coated jeans with tuxedo blazer

Since business suits are commonly seen in the conservative offices, think of incorporating the trend in your style by going for a tuxedo blazer teamed with straight-leg trousers. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, make the look a bit feminine by wearing a pussy bow blouse or a skinny scarf with your business suit. By following our styling tricks, you’ll be able to create a sexy, edgy, and fashion-forward style effortlessly.

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