6 Ways to Wear the Embroidery Trend

One of today’s hottest trends, both on the runway and on the streets, is the embroidery trend. I have always loved the look of embroidered pieces just because they look so much more intricate and detailed. A lot of work goes into hand-embroidering details onto clothes which is why you’ll sometimes find that most embroidered pieces carry a steeper price tag compared to their non-embroidered versions. If you’re just as fascinated as I am about this, check out these fabulous ways to wear the embroidery trend.

  1. Embroidery in bloom – one of the most popular embroidery styles that you’ll find on clothes are floral embroidery designs. These adds a nice hint of feminine vibes to your outfit and makes it look more girly and just a tad more romantic. If you’re looking for a failsafe way to wear the embroidery trend, going for floral embroidered details is the way to go.floral embroidery on white top
    floral embroidery skirt
  2. Boho accent – another really easy way to wear some embroidery on your look is to go Boho. You’ll find that many Boho pieces have embroidered details on them, no matter how small. This is because embroidery is one of the best ways to achieve a natural, organic look which is what Boho is all about.boho dress with embroidery boho modern look
  3. Subtle details – if you’re not the type to go for loud statements, you can also opt to wear the embroidery trend in a subtler way and that is to opt for pieces with minimal embroidery details. You’ll find cute tops and dresses with subtle but impactful embroidery designs on the hem, the sleeves, the pockets or other strategic areas that just take the rather simple piece to a whole new level.simple embroidery detail summer outfit simple and subtle embroidery detail
  4. Statement embroidery – on the other hand, if you’re all about making a statement, a gorgeous piece with amazing embroidery work like an embroidered brocade dress is perfect. Of course, there are also other fully embroidered pieces that you can wear with your street style looks to give them a bit of an upgrade.statement jacket statement embroidered dress at milan fashion week
  5. Sheer with embroidered details – one fun and really stylish way to make any embroidered detail pop is to have it against something sheer like mesh or lace. This will create a very fun, flirty and romantic look that’s perfect for those who want to show off their girly side.sheer back with embroidered roses sheer dress with embroidery
  6. On denim – liven up your denim with some embroidery! You can have your piece customized or you can sew on an embroidered patch for an easy DIY project. If you feel like splurging, you can also get yourself a brand new piece with awesome embroidered details.

jeans with an embroidered leg jean denim dress with embroidery detail

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