6 Ways to Wear Rainbow Stripes Like an Adult

Commonly associated with childhood, rainbow stripes are often found in socks, shirts, and jumpsuit we used to wear when we were little. Wearing rainbow stripes is a means of looking playful and creative in your style whether you’re just brightening your casual outfit or adding some colors to your feminine looks. Since rainbow stripes are very tricky to wear, keep on reading for our 6 ways to wear rainbow stripes like an adult.

  1. Get some rainbow striped accessories to incorporate into your typical outfits.

mickey mouse shirt with orange skirt and rainbow colored striped bag

rainbow colored umbrella rainbow striped skirt with shoes and pink sweater

Rainbow stripes can be daunting to wear, so opting for them in the form of accessories can be a great way of adding a pop of color to your outfit without looking overdone. A pair of shoes, a cute tote bag, a pair of chic sunglasses, elegant clutch, and even an umbrella can be great. Since rainbow stripes have a lot of colors in them, it can be versatile enough to pair with any color of your outfit, especially red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet, making them look more coordinating and creative.

  1. Go for a rainbow striped dress that flatters your figure and undertone.

rainbow striped dress with red sandals rainbow striped dress striped dress with crochet top striped maxi dress striped sequin dress

Not all rainbow stripes were made equal resembling the spectrum colors of the rainbow. Since designers are getting more creative and adaptable to their signature pieces, you can even look for rainbow stripes in earth tone palette, girly shades, and even blue hues that can better fit your personality and lifestyle. When heading to a party, just go for three to four tones of rainbow colors to avoid looking like a clown. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, she brings some creative and trendy look to her party outfit by going for a sequin dress in the rainbow shades of green, black, white, and pink. You can also try a faded rainbow stripe style that creates a perfect formal look when in a dress as it’s completely ladylike.

  1. Wear your rainbow striped matching sets with edgy footwear.

flat boots with striped matching set striped outfit with coat

Rainbow striped matching sets can look overwhelming and overdone. So, try pairing them with edgy footwear to balance your playful statement. A pair of flat ankle boots adds some laid back and cowboy vibe while a pair of heeled boots adds some sexiness and fashion-forward touch. Also, go for a color palette that doesn’t look too girly or flashy to avoid catching unwanted attention.

  1. Pair your rainbow striped pieces with casual ensembles.

casual-rainbow-stripe-top knitted-rainbow-stripe-sweater with burgundy overalls military shirt and vest with rainbow striped skirt rainbow striped top with blue blazer and high waist jeans striped top with burgundy pants

Rainbow colored t-shirts, skirts, and sweaters look vibrant and flashy, so pairing them with casual pieces like jeans, denim jacket, military vest, chambray shirt and such will balance the bold statement of your brightly-colored piece. You may simply wear your rainbow striped top with jeans and sneakers for a casual look, or make them look more feminine by copying Blair Eadie’s style of wearing her rainbow striped skirt with olive green vest, shirt, and wedges making the look tough but still ladylike.

  1. Dress down your rainbow-striped pieces with neutral colored ensembles.

ankle length striped pants rainbow striped skirt with black top rainbow-stripe-shorts-in-androgynous striped skirt with striped blazer

Neutral shades will instantly dress down your colorful rainbow stripes making them look more appropriate in smart casual settings. Think of a jacket, blazer, coat, trousers, tank top, and even a skirt that will complement your outfit without breaking the colorful theme. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may simply go for a black top to match with your rainbow striped dress, or pair them with neutral-colored striped blazer like Mary Orton did. Be careful on the rainbow stripes you’ll be wearing, especially if it’s horizontal. Adding a blazer, coat, or jacket with your rainbow striped ensemble will balance it widening effect on your figure.

  1. Match your solid colored ensembles with your rainbow stripe colors.

neon tangerine top with striped skirt casual-rainbow-stripe-shirt-with colored jeans colorful striped blazer with pastel dress pink blazer with striped skirt pink coat with rainbow striped tee and jeans rainbow striped collared top with polka dots skirt rainbow striped skirt with cobalt blue top

To make your outfit look polished and sleek, try matching your solid colored ensembles with the color of your rainbow stripes. A cobalt blue top, a tangerine draped top, or even a pair of aquamarine jeans will look terrific on your matching rainbow striped piece. Just finish your outfit with coordinating shoes, bags, and other accessories making them look more stylish and creative.

Indeed, rainbow stripes are great to add some colors and life to your seemingly dull wardrobe. Dare to wear them like an adult to make your style a bit unexpected and colorful.

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