6 Ways to Wear Pompoms for the Season

Fun, fuzzy, furry, and fashionable – that’s how I would describe one of spring’s hottest trends that is the pompom. Pompoms make a great addition to any girl’s closet, especially those who feel like they need to inject a bit more of the fun and playful vibe into their everyday looks. Here are a few couple of wayt that you can wear pompoms for the season, in case you want to get in on the trend.

  1. Pompom accents – not exactly sure if you can pull the trend off at first try? If you want a subtler way to incorporate some playful pompoms into your look, wear them as accents first. A pompom on the top of your beanie, as an embellishment on your shoes, as a bag tag on your purse – these are just some of the many ways that you can subtly wear pompoms.pompom bag accent
    pompom accent outfit
  2. Pompom hemmed shorts – for spring and summer, why not add some pompoms to your look to make them more fun, festive and playful? Pompom hemmed shorts are super hot and on trend right now and you can pair them with virtually anything, from a simple tank top to plain and simple tee or a sexy crop top.pompom floral shorts pompom pineapple shorts
  3. Pompom trim – whether it’s on your cover up, your scarf, your romper, or anywhere else, a pompom trim on your favorite wardrobe piece can really help give it that bright, vibrant, youthful vibe. Go for a pompom trim that creates contrast with the piece it is attached to to give your look a nice, complex and stylish look.trim on white shirt trim on beach cover up
  4. Pompom embellishments – whether you choose to go for one bold, statement pompom attached somewhere in your outfit or a ton of tiny ones scattered all-over one piece you’re wearing, there’s no denying that pompom embellishments are by far the best and most creative way to have fun with style.embellished pompom dress embellished sweater outfit
  5. Pompom jewelry – pompom laced bracelets and pompom charms on necklaces? Why not? There are so many other ways to have pompoms incorporated into your jewelry / accessories, too. Pompom earrings a la Ariana Grande would make a nice statement and pompom rings are perfect for adding character to your stack of arm candy.jewelry made of pompom ariana grande jewelry pompom and tassel necklace
  6. Pompom rainbow – looking for a way to add a splash of color to your look without going over the top? The simple addition of some pompoms to your outfit can get the job done chic and quick.colorful pompom trim colorful pompom collar accent


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