6 Ways to Wear One Shoulder Tops

Judging by the looks we’re seeing on the runway and on the streets, we’re assuming that the off shoulder trend is taking a bit of a break to give way to its more modest yet just as stunning variation: the one shoulder trend. If you’re still looking for ideas on how to wear the trend, keep reading. Here are some of the best ways to wear one shoulder tops.

  1. With jeans – one shoulder tops tend to have a very dressy look to them so to tone down that look and give it a more casual and laidback vibe, why not pair it up with jeans? Jeans always do a good job in dressing down anything that looks too ritzy, so if it’s an everyday look that you’re after, it is best to pair that one shoulder top with your favorite pair of denims.ruffles and striped bottoms
    jeans and one shoulder top
  2. With big ruffles – another way to inject a fun and flirty vibe into something as sexy and sophisticated as a one shoulder dress or top is to wear it with really big, whimsical details like ruffles. Adding ruffles to any look always gives it a more youthful, girly vibe. It’s great for those who want to wear something that’s between both sexy and sweet.ruffles on one shoulder top ruffles and striped bottoms
  3. Cropped – looking for a way to make one shoulder tops look even more sexy? Since spring and summer are fast approaching, I would suggest going for something a little more street stylish like a cropped top. A one-shoulder crop top is the perfect thing to wear to your first spring/summer party.cropped with high waisted shorts cropped matching set
  4. Printed – now, if it’s a statement look that you are going after, there’s really no better way to wear the one shoulder trend than to wear it with gorgeous prints. We’re not talking about pairing up your favorite printed piece with your sexy one shoulder top. Instead, look for a one shoulder top that comes in a nice, lovely print.printed sprinkles in green printed peppermint stripe top
  5. In white – another really easy way to pull off a one shoulder look is to simply just opt for white. White makes everything easier to style, mix, and match, so if you’re looking for a great way to start wearing the trend, why not start with a white piece and take it from there?white one shoulder top outfit white one shoulder top
  6. Long sleeved half – if you ever find a one shoulder top a little too sexy for you, just remember that you can tone down the sexy vibe by opting for one with a long sleeved half. So you bare a shoulder on your left, make sure the right is all covered up! Not only does this make an interesting look, it creates a nice balance in your ensemble, too!long sleeve one shoulder top long sleeve


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