6 Ways to Wear Leather for Early Spring

Any time between late winter to early spring is the perfect time to start transition your wardrobe and replace your staples with more season-appropriate ones. Now, the temperatures during early spring days don’t exactly get very high just yet which means that it could still be a little cold or chilly during this time which is why you still get the chance to wear some pieces from your winter wardrobe and pull it off effortlessly. Leather, for example, is more of a winter staple but you can still pull them off come early spring. Here are a few fabulous ways to wear leather during this time of the year.

  1. One at a time – layering up on leather might have seemed like a good idea back in winter but now that you’re getting ready for warmer weather, it would be wiser to go easy on the leather and wear it one piece at a time.one piece leather jacket and culottes
    one piece leather overalls and white shirt
  2. With a springtime dress – if you feel like early spring is a tad too early for springtime dresses that are oh so flowy and dainty, you can always mix up your look a little bit by simply throwing on a leather jacket on top of your dress. Of course, you can also opt for a pair of high cut leather boots if that’s more your thing.dress and jacket outfit dress and leather boots
  3. Try leather shorts – it may seem like you would need a lot to pull off a pair of leather shorts but the truth is they’re kind of a throw and go kind of thing. They go well with anything and they can either look casual or dressy, depending on what you wear with them so they’re super versatile which is why they’re also perfect for transitioning from winter to spring.leather shorts and tank top leather shorts and white top
  4. Or any spring staple in leather – one good way to transition from winter to spring is to combine one staple from one season to another. If you’re looking for the perfect transition piece, try wearing a springtime staple in leather. It could be shorts, a sleeveless top, a fun and flirty skirt, or anything else.spring peplum leather top spring skirt leather
  5. Go for leather details instead – if you think wearing one solid piece in leather is just a bit much for you considering that winter has already passed, you might want to try out wearing leather in detail instead. Doing this is a great, subtle way to incorporate leather into your look and achieve that sleek and edgy vibe.detail leather trim on jacketdetailed in leather
  6. Or opt for leather in color – leather doesn’t always have to be black. If you’re looking for the perfect leather piece to wear for spring, why not go for colored leather? Pink leather makes such an awesome statement piece but you can, of course, go for any color you like.

colored orange jacket and white dress colored pink leather crop jacket

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