6 Ways to Wear Gold With a Casual Vibe

Whenever we want to add a fancy touch to our looks, we always turn to gold to achieve it. Gold has always been known to give us a more elegant, more sophisticated touch which is why we almost never wear gold with everyday casual and laidback looks. There’s no rule, though, that says you can’t. In fact, gold works just as well with everyday looks as it does with your ensemble for special occasions. If you’re wondering how you can pull it off, check out these different ways to wear gold with a casual vibe.

  1. Wear subtle hints of gold – the first thing you need to remember when wearing gold and trying to achieve a casual and laidback vibe is to wear it in small and subtle ways. It could be gold detailing on your clothes, a few gold bits and baubles / jewelry here and there or some gold on your shoes.subtle gold details
    subtle casual gold shoes
  2. Wear gold accessories – if you think wearing gold on your clothes is a bit too ritzy for the casual look you’re going for, you can always wear gold accessories instead. Doing this makes the gold in your outfit more subtle and leads to a more laidback overall look.accessorized in gold hardware and jewelry accessorized in gold jewelry and gold sunglasses
  3. Mix it up with silver and other metals – another way to create a more casual vibe on your outfit when wearing gold is by wearing it with other metals, especially when you’re sporting gold jewelry. Mixing gold with silver or even rose gold takes away much of the usual fancy vibe and creates more of an everyday kind of look.gold silver mix with other elements gold and silver charm bracelets
  4. As a contrasting accent to another color – the brightness and vibrancy of gold makes it a perfect contrasting accent to other colors, especially darker ones like black, maroon and navy. If you want a subtle but substantial way to wear gold casually, using it as a contrasting accent to these color is the way to go. Try a gold belt against a black jumpsuit or gold pipelines on a navy shirt or whatever other combination you can think of.contrasting black and gold contrasting red black and gold
  5. Wear it on your nails – another casual way to rock gold without the fancy vibe is to wear it on your nails. You can choose to go full on and paint your nails a solid gold color or be a little more artsy and use gold as part of a nail art design.festive holiday nails festive gold nail art
  6. Be a gold leaf beauty – wearing a bit of gold leaf here or there is one trend that’s really booming nowadays and if you’re looking for a really easy, casual way to wear gold, this is the way to do it. You can try sprinkling some gold leaf on your hair for a festive look or incorporate it in your makeup for a more experimental and adventurous option.

gold leaf hair accent gold leaf flash tattoo

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