6 Ways to Take White Jeans to the Next Level

If you’re looking for an alternative to your everyday denims but you still want the same comfort and the same casual style then switch to white jeans. They’re just as comfy and easy as regular jeans but they have a dressier and more sophisticated vibe to them. Here are some tips and ideas on how you can take your white jeans to the next level.

  1. Distress them – distressed jeans are all the rage these days and if you find that your white jeans are a little too dressy for your liking, one option that you have is to get them distressed. Now, you can DIY your own pair but if you’re not they crafty type, you can buy distressed pairs from your favorite brands as well.distressed white jeans
    distressed jeans and tank top
  2. Wear them with leather – to give your pair of white jeans more of that edgy look and feel, wear them with sleek leather pieces. A leather jacket with white jeans is the perfect way to make a statement on a nice, summer day. Explore other combinations and stick to the ones that you like best.leather peplum top and white pants leather jacket and white pants
  3. Add a pop of color – one of the most popular ways to liven up anything neutral is to wear it with a pop of color so if you’re feeling a little bolder today, go ahead and get your favorite color in the mix.white pants and color blazer and purse white pants and colorful off shoulder top
  4. Go neutral – sometimes, in fashion, less is indeed more and, if you’re not too fond of wearing color, you can liven up your white jeans and take it to the next level by wearing it with other neutral pieces and creating a minimalist look that’s simple but chic.neutral colors with white pants neutral colored top and white pants
  5. Go all out on white – another way to take your white jeans to the next level without wearing colors that are super loud, bright and vibrant is to just go all out on white and opt for a monochromatic white outfit. Match your shades or go for different white hues to mix it up a little bit – it’s all up to you.all white outfit
  6. Wear them skinny – any other cut, silhouette or style is fine but white skinny jeans is just the best way to go. White skinny jeans give your outfit more of that sexy, chic look. It’s also a very universally flattering cut that’s super easy to pull off, no matter what your body type / shape is. What’s more is that you can wear white skinny jeans with just about everything so it’s really a wardrobe must have.skinny fit white jeans skinn jeans in white


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