6 Ways to Take Crochet to the Next Level

Every year, crocheted pieces never seem to leave the stylish girl’s wardrobe. While there have been so many other trends that made it to the spotlight, crochet never really went out of style. Whether you love crocheting stylish pieces yourself or you simply love the look that they give you, having something crocheted in your wardrobe this summer is actually a really nice idea. Here are some tips on how you can take crochet to the next level.

  1. Try a cool color and pattern combo – they say crocheting is a rather mundane task but that doesn’t mean the final product has to reflect the process that it took to make it. Go for more colorful pieces and opt for more exciting pattern options. This will make your crochets look less grandma-ish.crochet pattern and color combo
    crochet colorful hippie style dress gigi hadid
  2. Wear crocheted bikinis – there are so many bikini trends emerging these days but if you truly want to stand out, a pair of crocheted bikini, I believe, will do you good. Perfect as they are for swimming, they are best worn when just lounging around.bikini crochet bikini in blush
  3. Sport crocheted coordinates – you know how matching crop tops and shorts or crop tops and skirts always dominate the fashion scene come summer time (at least for these past few years, that is)? Well, this year is no different. Coordinates are still hot and on trend and if you’re looking for a unique way to wear the trend, I suggest going for crocheted coordinates.set crochet coordinates
  4. Look sexy in a crochet bralette – bralettes are another one of the sexiest, hottest trends of the season and while we love a regular bralette, a crochet one is sure to make you stand out and take your look to the next level. Wear yours with denim shorts for a beach-ready look or underneath a light vest or cardigan for a chic summer outfit.bralette and denim shorts
  5. Crochet kimono cardigan – the great thing about crocheted kimono cardigans is that they’re super flexible in terms of how to wear them and what to wear them with. You can wear it like a bikini cover up at the beach or as your main outerwear for a chilly summer night out. You can use it to layer up your look and add tons of texture to it, too.kimono cardigan crochet summer outfit kimono cardigan and maxi dress
  6. Crochet details – if you’re a firm believer of less is more, why not try to inject the trend to your look by wearing pieces with subtle crochet details? Even minor details can help take your look to the next level when worn right.details on the side of tank top detail on sleeve and neckline


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