6 Ways to Make Winter Clothes Shopping Less Expensive

If you’re a thrift shopper, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the amount of money you expect to shell out to pay for winter clothes. By putting needs before wants, and never paying full retail, you’ll make shopping less expensive. Apart from it, read our 6 tricks to make winter clothes shopping less expensive whether you’re buying in a store or on your laptop from your couch.

  1. Take wardrobe inventory.



If you have a stuffed closet, it’s time to assess what you have and size up what can be put away. This way, you can write out a list of wants and needs so you’ll make your shopping easier and avoid buying unnecessary sale items. Remember, shopping without a list is the fastest route to buyer’s remorse.

  1. Browse online first.

oversized-coat-with-trendy-outfit quirky-print-coat-with-winter-outfit

Spend a few hours online perusing the stores you most likely to shop to know what’s available. While you’re browsing, sign up for store newsletters, so you’ll be in on special offers. According to Andrea Woroch, consumer and money-saving expert, make sure you maximize your savings options. Remember, prices can be lower when you shop online, but shipping charges often chip away at your savings. Never pay for shipping or take advantage of free site-to-store shipping to snag more savings.

  1. Compare prices.

black-sweater-with-leather-trousers printed-coat-with-winter-outfit

When you’re considering a purchase online or in a store, find out how much the item is selling for at other retailers. Basic ensembles like sweater, coats, boots, jackets, turtleneck tops, leather gloves, winter coats and such can be cheaper on other stores. So, be wise and be a savvy shopper.

  1. Shop for jeans in October and coats in December.

fur-coat-with-all-black-winter-outfit structured-coat-with-sneakers

According to studies, certain garments go on sale at different times throughout the year. You may mark the sale months on your calendar such as September where boots will be on the sales rack, and denim is more likely to get marked down in October.

  1. Think off-price and overstock stores.

oversized-coat-with-structured-bag chic-coat-with-winter-outfit

Some stores offer super bargains because they’re often buying merchandise directly from manufacturers who couldn’t sell out last season. “They’re especially good for basics,” says Ellen Warren, a columnist on shopping and style for the Chicago Tribune. “A patient shopper can plow through the sales racks at those stores and save even more.” So, before heading to your favorite high-end brand, think of off-price and overstock stores.

  1. Go for second-hand steals.

winter-coat-with-classic-outfit black-sweater-with-gray-skirt-and-boots

It’s worth checking out consignment stores and outlets for all kinds of clothes at drastically reduced prices. Coats, jackets, leather trousers, wool coats, pea coats, puffer coats, and other outerwear can be costly, and buying almost-new saves big bucks. By heeding our simple tricks, you’ll be able to make winter clothes shopping less expensive.

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