6 Ways to Dress Up your Jacket for Spring

Jackets are more of a cold weather staple but the warmer days of spring ahead doesn’t mean we have to ditch them altogether. The early days of spring are still quite chilly so having a jacket in handy is not actually quite a bad idea but, since spring is all about fun, you might want to consider dressing up your jacket to give it more of that spring vibe. Here are a few couple of ways to dress up your jacket for spring.

  1. Wear it in a vibrant color – one of the easiest ways to make your wardrobe spring ready is to add a jacket in a bright, vibrant color. We all love looking forward to the cheery colors of spring after having to wear dark, dull winter colors so why not don a jacket in one?bright mustard jacket
    bright orange jacket for spring
  2. DIY it with 3d floral appliqués – 3d floral appliqués are pretty popular on trend right now so if you’re looking for ways to get your jackets ready for spring, how about stitching on an appliqué or two to that jacket and catch on with the trend? It’s a really great way to add more of that feminine touch to your look, too.3d floral embellished jacket
  3. Wear it with springtime prints – another really easy way to dress up your jacket and give it a nice springtime touch is to wear it with springtime prints. This could be anything from florals to rainbow stripes and abstract colorful patterns. If you have yet to shop for a jacket for spring, why not look for one that has gorgeous springtime prints on them as well?printed leaves jacket printed skirt and spring denim jacket
  4. Throw them on top of dresses – one of the things I love about spring is that it’s the perfect time to start wearing dresses again. There’s nothing wrong with wearing dresses during fall or winter but doing so in spring is just so much easier and much more comfortable. Throw on a gorgeous jacket on top of your dress and you have yourself a chic look that you can wear anytime.dress and parka jacket dress and denim jacket outfit
  5. Embroider it – if you have a hand for creating all things chic and lovely, how about adding touches of embroidery to some of your jackets to give them more of that springtime look and feel? Swirly, girly patterns are sure to get the job done.embroidered bomber jacket outfit
  6. Crop them up – feeling like giving your jacket a new life before you finally put it away? Grab a pair of scissors and start cropping! Cropped jackets are perfect for spring and if you’ve got a few jackets to spare, especially denim ones, why not get creative and crop away!cropped oversized jacket cropped jacket and jeans



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