6 Ways to Define Your Personal Style

Knowing your personal style will help you create a wardrobe you truly love. However, one’s personal style isn’t something you automatically have as even the most fashion savvy women take work to determine their styles. Since it would be a relief to anyone who’s struggling to create a wardrobe that reflects who they are and their lifestyle, keep on reading for the ways to define your personal style.

  1. Think what inspires you and why.

sexy red bodycon dress

statement choker with tube cocktail dress

If you don’t know where to start, just think what inspires you. You may be inspired by nature, architecture, and art. Or, you may think the women who you aspire to be like and the outfits they wore whether it’s your mother, sister, friend, a modern-day celebrity, style blogger, or any influential woman. If a fashion blogger inspires you, think about the overall look of her style and the specific items in her trademark ensembles. By having a style icon, it will help you recognize what you subconsciously see as being truly stylish.

  1. Define the words you would use to describe your style.

leather jacket with grunge outfit thin belt with maxi dress

Take a moment to think about the overall vibe of your style. What are some descriptive words that come to mind? These words will help you recognize an overall theme or feeling of your style, allowing you to take the first step in curating your look. If you like edgy, punk, and grunge details, fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick might inspire you as she always wears a leather jacket with something grunge and effortless.

  1. Ponder how your style fit into your lifestyle and goals.

abstract print dress with red bag casual cool outfit with jacket

Before building your wardrobe, keep in mind that your lifestyle greatly impacts your style and it’s important that your wardrobe matches your everyday activities. If you work in a creative field, artistic outfits, graphic print dresses, and eccentric ensembles can suit you well. On the other hand, if you’re a stay-at-home woman, you know that comfort is the key. On the contrary, if you’re working at a law firm, you know that looking polished and professional is a must. If you picture yourself three years from now, are you going to a party, walking to work, or relaxing in your free time? By envisioning the future version of yourself, you’ll easily reveal what style really suits you.

  1. What do you want your style to say about who you are?

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Style is a form of self-expression, so the way we dress gives everyone around us an insight on who we are. Do you want them to know that you’re professional, classy, confident, or boldly feminine? By knowing what qualities you want to express will help you pinpoint your identity traits while also helping you become conscious of how you’re actively communicating those traits with how you dress.

  1. Examine the items you gravitate toward when shopping, as well as the overall vibe of your favorite store.

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Every brand has a look that it is known for, so how would you describe the overall vibe or look of your favorite stores? Also, when walking into your favorite store, what items do you look at first? By paying attention to the things you really like, you’ll understand which styles you actually love and will most likely wear. If you always find yourself shopping at vintage shops, you might enjoy a more traditional or unique style.

  1. Think which items in your closet you repeatedly wear.

lightweight trench vest with metallic silver oxfords tribal print skirt with chiffon top

Being practical about what you will actually wear will help you stay true to your personal style rather than getting carried away with an idealized look that doesn’t suit you. To save yourself from buying a bunch of things that will sit in the back of your closet, think about the clothes you wear all the time. By considering these things, you should have a better idea of what your style is and how you want to develop it. By getting descriptive on your style, you’ll be able to start shopping and dress with purpose.

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