6 Ways to Accessorize that Turtleneck Top

Turtleneck tops are having a major moment in fashion right now and everybody is learning to love this 90s staple that made a blast from the past. One thing about turtlenecks, though, is that because the neck part makes such a statement, it can be a little challenging to accessorize. Of course, you wouldn’t want to create an outfit with too much going on but you also wouldn’t want to create one that’s too plain and boring. Here are a few ways to accessorize that turtleneck top.

  1. Wear a long chain necklace – if you’re planning on adding just one accessory to your turtleneck top, make it a long chain necklace, preferably one that drops just right above the belly button. This will create an elongating effect that will make you long taller which is perfect if you’re afraid that turtleneck tops frame your face too much and make you look rounder.long chain medallion on turtleneck top
    long chain necklace on turtleneck top
  2. Try a sling bag – don’t feel like wearing a necklace today but still don’t want your turtle neck top looking too bare? Try a sling bag instead. Go for one with interesting straps – a chain strap, sequined strap or a furry strap – and drape it across to break the monotony that’s going on with your upper torso.sling bag chanel and gray turtle neck sling bag with gold chain and turtleneck top
  3. Throw a vest on top – layering your turtleneck top with a vest can also make it look less boring and more interesting. Choose a vest in a color that contrasts with your turtleneck top or choose one within the same color family / palette to create a chic and comprehensive look.vest and turtleneck black and white vest and turtleneck top
  4. Wear statement earrings – if you’re not very fond of wearing necklaces and you consider yourself to be much more of an earrings kind of gal, you can always accessorize your look with a statement pair like flashy studs or, more preferably, dangling chandelier ones. Make sure to keep your hair up to showcase your statement piece.statement earrings and turtleneck top statement teardrop earrings and turtleneck
  5. Top it off with a scarf – another way to accessorize your turtleneck top is to wear a scarf on top of it. This is a great styling trick that you can do during winter when you feel like you need more warmth in your look.scarf and turtleneck top scarf in plaid with orange turtleneck top
  6. Pin a brooch on – this is a really simple but fun way to take your turtleneck top to the next level without putting in too much effort and looking like you’re trying too hard. Choose a brooch that will stand out and pop to make sure that it complements your outfit. If you’re layering with other pieces, remember that the brooch does not necessarily have to be on the turtleneck top itself.

brooch oversized chanel logo brooch on camel coat on top of turtleneck top

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