6 Ways Fashion Stores Manipulate You to Spend More

Fashion stores always seem to be at their peak since they’re actively trying to play mind games with you so that you’ll spend more time and money in their establishment. If you want to be a little bit savvier about your spending habits, keep on reading for the ways fashion stores manipulate you to spend more so you’ll know how to deal with it.

  1. They create clothing that is designed to be disposable and fall apart.



One of the fashion stores tricks is using clothing that is cheaply made and produced, so that when it rips or breaks, you can easily dispose it and buy more. This way, you can spend more money on multiple items of the same, cheaply-made garment, rather than a more expensive but a better-made version of a garment. So, be smart and invest in something classic and sturdy that will last longer.

  1. They advertise discount clothing to sell lower quality products of the same brand.

bandeau-top-with-palazzo-pants urban-outfit-with-ankle-boots

Many of us think we’re picking up a bargain when we head to a store that specializes in a cheaper clothing of the same kind we often see in more expensive stores. However, the clothes manufactured for the discount stores is inherently made cheaper and at a lower quality. So, the next time you find yourself tempted by something at a seemingly obscenely low price, make sure you’re buying it from a proper store, and you’ll be getting the product you actually pay for.

  1. The clothes are designed to feel slightly out of season.

bandeau-top-with-biker-jacket-and-checkered-skirt geometric-print-dress-with-pumps

Industry insiders have confirmed that micro-trends exist on a weekly basis, transforming the way fashion stores and their shoppers operate on a weekly basis. The clothes are always designed to feel slightly out of season to ensuring you buy more through pressure. Instead of constantly updating your looks, focus on your personal style as trends always come back around again, anyway.

  1. They trick your minds into buying more through brand recognition.

graphic-dress-with-biker-jacket-and-over-the-knee-boots wide-leg-pants-with-biker-jacket

Most fashion store uses the big brands to sell clothing, despite the actual quality of products being debated. For that reason, we automatically associate them with quality and with something worth owning just like we view the big names of fashion. What you are, in effect, paying the extra money for is for the association that comes with the brand. While it certainly can be tempting to buy the big names, make sure you do your research, and save yourself some money without sacrificing your personal style just for high fashion.

  1. They encourage trying on clothes to make you want them more.

plaid-shirt-with-skinny-jeans sheer-top-with-studded-shorts

An unusual fashion trick rooted in psychology, physically touching a product makes it much likelier for you to want to buy it as the act leads to prolonged feelings of ownership. While you should always try your clothing before you buy it to help make the best decision for your shape and fit, make sure that you actually like a piece of clothing before buying it.

  1. They use shiny objects and surfaces to make their products seem better.

culottes-with-boxy-top leather-joggers-with-graphic-tee-and-tuxedo-blazer

According to the studies, we associate the shiny and the sparkling with something attractive, something we want to own and possess. That’s the reason why fashion stores deliberately make their place as bright and reflective as possible, to entice you inside and make you believe that whatever is inside is worth of purchase. However, don’t be blinded by the shiny things as not all glimmers are gold. By considering these things, you’ll be able to decide wisely when going shopping and avoid falling into the marketing traps of fashion stores.

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