6 Wardrobe Essentials for an Everyday Casual Woman

If you’re working from home, stay-at-home mom, or a student, casual style is a part of your everyday life. You need convenient, practical pieces that adjust to your ever-changing schedule and last all day long. So, keep on reading for the 6 wardrobe essentials for an everyday casual woman like you so your clothes will fit seamlessly into your ready-for-anything lifestyle.

  1. Knit Dress or Shift Dress

burgundy knit dress with white sneakers

knit dress with sneakers

By focusing first on impactful pieces, or foundational items, you’ll create the perfect base for your year-round style. If you wish to look dressier than jeans but don’t love miniskirts and figure hugging dresses, think of a knit dress or shift dress that can be your go-to, year-round outfit by just wearing it with booties, sandals, or even sneakers. You’ll never want to slip out of this comfy silhouette.

  1. Fashion Sneakers

 metallic blazer with skinny pants and wedge sneakers trendy sneakers with casual chic outfit

Not everyone needs the exact same list, so you have to select the best essentials for your lifestyle. If you feel ballet flats and strappy flats too dressy for you, think of sneakers. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, you may opt for a pair of sneakers with prints that will look trendy over plain tennis shoes that can add some flair to your casual-chic outfits.

  1. Tote Bag

loose tee with skinny jeans and tote bag romantic dress with tote bag

From a laptop to books to snacks, a tote bag allows room for all of life’s necessities. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may opt for a classic brown leather bag that will look perfect with your everyday outfit of jeans and cozy sweater.

  1. Denim or Army Jacket

slip dress with denim jacket military jacket with jeans and wedge sneakers

Cargo or army jacket is called a utility jacket for a reason as it conquers errands or coffee dates with this lightweight layer. On the other hand, denim jacket can look effortlessly cool and you can literally wear it with everything. And, like a fine wine, it only gets better with age. Like fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein, think of looking trendy by wearing your sexy slip dress outdoors, but make it appropriate with a denim jacket that will make everything cool.

  1. Plain Tees

ripped jeans with coat and tee structured tote bag with joggers and tee

If you think plain tees sound too basic, wear it with a cardigan or a lightweight coat to dress it up a bit. Or, simply go all-black with a black tee teamed with black jogger pants like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli did. But, add some structure with a boxy bag that will keep everything polished yet effortless.

  1. Comfy Denim Jeans

white tee with skinny jeans and fringed sandals band jacket with comfy jeans

Denim jeans are some of the timeless staples every woman has. You may even think of dressing it up with a band jacket, embellished top, chic blazer, leather jacket and such that will make your street style unexpected. By heeding our guidelines, you’ll be able to build a functional wardrobe for your lifestyle.

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