6 Wardrobe Basics Worth the Splurge

Everyone loves a bargain. However, that doesn’t mean going for sale and discounted items all the time as sometimes the best way is to invest a little more upfront in the right items. The key is to calculate the price per wear of quality, staple pieces, for where your perceived splurge factor goes way down. So, keep on reading for the 6 basics worth that extra investment when it comes to your wardrobe.

  1. Boots

gray boots with vintage outfit

stiletto boots with grunge outfit

Boots are one of the most expensive items you’ll buy that’s why you have to make that purchase less frequently by investing in a quality pair. Though neutral shades like black, gray, brown, and such can be ideal, you can still go for burgundy, navy, and other classic shades that can be versatile enough. The keys to maximize your boot budget are to buy a high-quality pair and commit to regular maintenance, both of which can allow you to keep your boots for over a decade.

  1. Black Handbag

black bag with creative office outfit black bag with nude pants and blanket scarf

When it comes to handbags, “investment piece” need not equate with “designer.” As long as you buy real leather, and take care of it, you’ll going to wear it in a lifetime. Remember that faux leather looks cheap and will crack and break down quickly. Also, think of keeping the hardware to a minimum, as it becomes dated more quickly and is one more thing that can break. Avoiding visible labels whenever possible is great to get a classy and expensive-looking look.

  1. Classic Pumps

classic pumps with casual office outfit nude heels with fall outfit

A neutral pair of pumps moves seamlessly from office to casual looks. However, choose a comfortable heel height in black, camel or animal skins like python, which go with everything. This way, you’ll make the most out of your shoes as you’ll love lo wear them over and over again instead of slipping into a pair of flats when your feet hurt.

  1. Coat

camel coat with layered outfit structured coat with casual outfit

If you live in a climate where it gets cold, then you know that your coat will be a smart investment. Just look for good tailoring and inspect the seams, so you’ll get the perfect style for you. Also, be picky choosing high-quality fabric, preferable ones with a high percentage of natural fibers like wool and cashmere over acrylic and nylon, which wear out more quickly and are not as warm.

  1. Black Skinny Jeans

black skinny jeans with crop top and boyfriend blazer black skinny jeans with gray coat

When you’re not in your professional attire, chances are you’re wearing jeans much of the time. Also, black denim is the best investment because it’s dressier and more polished than blue or colored denim, which you can wear to work as an alternative to your office pants. Just spend the time finding the style that fits your body.

  1. Leather Jacket

leather jacket with modern outfit leather jacket with denim on denim outfit

Leather jackets are technically always in style regardless of your fashion taste and personality, but small details can be a quick giveaway that it was fashionable five years prior to when you’re wearing it. Just go for simple and elegant styles that aren’t too “tricked out.” The less it looks like a traditional leather jacket, the more wear you’ll get out of it. By investing on these wardrobe basics, you’ll look fashionable and timeless regardless of the season and trends.

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