6 Unusual Outfit Ideas from Famous Bloggers

There’s nothing wrong with stepping outside the box when it comes to your outfits. When you find yourself in a style rut, it’s time to get some inspirations. If there is anyone who knows how to make the most obscure pieces look striking and covetable, it’s fashion bloggers. So, keep on reading for the 6 unusual outfit ideas from famous fashion bloggers that might inspire your street style.

  1. Wear unexpected color combinations.

yellow coat with purple and red outfit pink top with red shorts green coat with red and purple outfit green blouse with yellow skirt

Wearing pink with red and yellow with blue used to be a fashion faux pas, but is now considered trendy. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, you may start working with two vibrant shades and work on your way up. Complementary colors in the color wheels may be great as your starting point, though you may incorporate one or more shades for a more intentional look. A green blazer looks creative with a pink and red outfit, while a yellow coat will add some spice to your purple and red outfit like Nicole Warne did.

  1. Go for exaggerated textures and silhouettes.

eclectic band outfit with hat eclectic outfit with geometric pumps forest green nature-inspired dress with edgy boots ruffled top with jeans and Valentino shoes

Fashion Weeks may be the best place to show off your eccentric styles, but streets can also be a great place to show them off. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, think of a forest-inspired dress that can channel some nature-inspired look on the streets. Also, going for exaggerated cuts, ruffles, embellishments, and flares can also be great to create statement looks.

  1. Don animal-inspired accents unexpectedly.

edgy leather jacket with skirt and boots sequin outfit with statement bag green leather jacket with yellow pants feather embellished dress

Snake prints and leopard prints may be classy, but going for feather-like textures and crocodile accents may look more daring and fashion forward. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, create a playful yet fierce look with a green crocodile coat teamed with neon yellow jeans that will be enough to turn heads.

  1. Look sexy and daring with your basic pieces.

sexy shirtdress with lace up boots tuxedo with sheer bodysuit swimsuit with jeans

You don’t have to own the latest sexy ensembles just to look daring. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Grace, look sexy and daring with your basic pieces like a shirtdress, a tank top, a tuxedo blazer, a bodysuit, or even a swimsuit. Like her, think of wearing your summer one-piece suit with distressed jeans that look insanely sexy and creative. Or, lower your necklines and higher your hemlines by unbuttoning some of your buttons in a shirtdress and wear it with a pair of sexy lace-up boots.

  1. Mix your prints and patterns.

checkered outfit with classic pumps striped top with checkered skirt striped coat with polka dots dress green top with striped skirt

Wearing prints on prints may be a fashion faux pas, but it’s now considered trendy and fashion-forward nowadays. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, mix prints strategically to avoid looking sloppy on your street style. Start by wearing the same prints in different colors or different patterns in the same color, and take advantage of the neutral properties of classic prints like checks, polka dots, and stripes.

  1. Layer like a pro.

orange dress with fur scarf and structured coat layered outfit with cute heels corset top with sweater and distressed jeans button down shirt with culottes and coat

In the colder seasons, layering is a stylish and functional way to survive the freezing temperatures. Like fashion blogger Nina Suess, wear your favorite pieces more often by wearing them with layers. Keep in mind that you must wear slouchy with structured and sloppy with fitted to keep your street style sleek yet creative. Indeed, these 6 unusual outfit ideas from famous bloggers will inspire your street style to be more fashion-forward and creative.

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