6 Unspoken Rules of Online Shopping

Online shopping can be convenient to get things in the space of your own home. However, when you can’t try things on, you need to know more than just your dress size. So, keep on reading for the 6 unspoken rules of online shopping.

  1. Read the fit notes.



Most online sites have fit notes that tell you the height and size of the model, which can be helpful if you’re trying to figure out where the neckline, hemline, or waistline will fit on you. Also, it will tell you if the garment is particularly loose or tight, so you know if you need to size up or down. However, you must avoid garments with seams that fall directly under your breasts as anything with curving or diagonal seams under the chest is probably going to cut you badly.

  1. When buying sunglasses, stick to frames that work for your face shape.

chic-sunglasses-with-casual-office-outfit white-v-neck-jumpsuit-with-sunglasses

Remember, rounder faces generally look better with more angular frames, while more angular faces look better with rounder frames. If you’re unsure what’s your face shape is, look for guides that websites provide which can help you pick flattering sunglasses for you. Many sunglasses sites allow you to sort frames based on face shape or frame shape, so you don’t end up falling for glasses that are unlikely to look good on you.

  1. Look for pieces that have a stretch or can be adjusted.

bell-sleeved-top-with-denim-skirt futuristic-jacket-with-black-pants

Since you can’t fit the clothes before you buy, stick to stretchy pieces that have allowance that can be great for you. A knit top will have a more flexible and forgiving fit that a woven one. Also, dress with adjustable straps works on a lot more body types than one with fixed straps. However, you must stick to thicker fabrics when it comes to fitted pieces as flimsy fabrics are not very forgiving, especially in more fitted silhouettes. Just save those lightweight fabrics for looser, less tailored pieces.

  1. Don’t size up so you can layer.

trendy-outfit-with-pastel-blue-blazer winter-coat-with-ankle-boots

If something looks oversized, you’re not going to wear it even in layers. Remember that your layers are probably not that thick and even fitted silhouettes usually have more room than you think they will. If you think of going for a looser silhouette, still stick to your best size.

  1. Look for dresses that mirror the natural shape of your body.

ruffled-black-dress-with-ankle-strap-sandals sheer-floral-print-outfit-with-red-blazer

A dress that already follows the natural shape of your body is more likely to fit and will require fewer adjustments. If you’re smaller on top, you should stick to A-line silhouettes. On the other hand, if you’re curvy, opt for dresses that highlight your waist. That doesn’t mean that other shapes can’t work for you, but it’s just harder to know how they fit without first trying them on.

  1. Make tailoring part of your shopping process.

preppy-collared-dress-with-red-pumps effortlessly-cool-urban-outfit

Tailoring can get expensive if the tailor has to actually take the garment apart or re-cut the individual pieces. A great thing, a clean silhouette or even an A-line dress with a zipper in the back is much easier to tailor than something with a lot of draping, pleats, and hidden side zippers.

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