6 Tricks to Spot a Well-Made Piece of Clothing

High-quality items are designed to last longer, even for a lifetime, that’s why they are more expensive over fast-fashion items. However, don’t let expensive shops fool you as some high-priced items are due to the known brand name. So, keep on reading for the 6 tricks to spot a well-made piece of clothing.

  1. Its seams are tightly stitched and the patterns match up at the seams.

striped pants and turtleneck with blazer

bohemian dress with jacket

Before shopping for a high-priced item, pay attention to the seams. Turn the item inside out and gently pull one side of the seams. If you can see light between the stitches, it’s a sign the garment might not stand the test of time. Remember, high-quality garments have tighter seams and a high number of stitches per inch, which make it harder for holes to develop. Also, regular patterns like stripes will match up at the seams and sleeves.

  1. The fabric is natural and it isn’t totally sheer.

black cape with casual outfit leather skirt with striped sweater

Natural fabrics like cotton, wool, cashmere, and silk tend to hold up long than synthetics. Before leaving the dressing room, put your hand under the fabric and hold it near the light. If you can see your hand’s outline, the garment will likely be sheer in most lighting. Sheerness is a fairly good indicator the fabric wasn’t built to last. Lightweight and expensive materials like silk and cashmere aren’t exempt.

  1. The hardware is in good shape.

all black outfit with white coat leather jacket with urban outfit

The zipper should be hidden with a placket and should run up and down smoothly. So, look for metal zipper with a hook-and-eye clasp, snap, or button at the top to keep it in place. For metal buttons and design features, give them a quick texture test. Remember, high quality hardware will have some weight to it.

  1. It comes with spares.

structured coat with printed pants turtleneck with printed skirt

Spare buttons and matching thread signal that the designer is confident the garment will hold up long enough to require a few minor repairs. To avoid losing those spare threads and buttons, consider using an organizer to keep all of them in one place.

  1. It passes the wrinkle test.

long gray coat with casual outfit navy silk blouse with pants

Before buying an item, scrunch it up in your hand and release to see how many wrinkles form. If you know you’re not great at waking up early to set up the ironing board, consider leaving the item on the rack if it fails this test. Though 100 percent cotton tends to wrinkle easily, you can still opt for non-wrinkle versions, or cotton blends.

  1. It came from the men’s department.

white long sleeved with shorts and boots flared pants with navy blazer

Generally, men’s wool and cashmere sweaters tend to be thicker and of higher quality than similar sweaters from the women’s department. If you wish to look for button down shirts, think of checking I at men’s department. However, if you know you’ll never get around to taking the item to the tailor, stick to buying clothes in your own size and department. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be a savvy shopper with a functional wardrobe that will serve you a lifetime.

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