6 Totally Grown Up Ways to Wear a Bow

Bows often make us think of childhood memories. These were the cute and dainty little things that used to adore our hairs, out clothes, out accessories and everything else we used to wear when we were little. Now that we’re all grown up, you might think that bows are no longer appropriate for us to wear but that’s not true at all. You can still wear bows as much as you like, you just have to know how to differentiate cute and tacky. Here are some amazing and totally grown up ways to wear a bow without looking like you’re trying to be five again.

  1. ON YOUR HAIR ACCESSORIES – if you can’t get yourself to pull off the hair bow hairstyle as neatly and beautifully as you would like, you can always opt to have bows on your hair the old-fashioned way and that is to have bows on your hair accessories like your headband, scrunchies, clips and what not. The key to pulling this off with a grown-up vibe is to choose pieces with bows that are as small and simple as possible.bow clip
    bow headband blair waldorf
  2. ON YOUR JEWELRY – if you’re the girly kind, I’m pretty sure you have a piece of jewelry or two with bow details on them. If you feel like wearing a bow but don’t want to look like a kid, this is the best way to go. Little bow details on your jewelry are perfect for adding that subtle feminine vibe to your look.gold ring band with silver and diamond bow gold necklace with bow details
  3. WEAR A PUSSY BOW TOP – pussy bow tops are great if you want to add a little bit more of a girly vibe to your look without it being too overpowering or overwhelming. It’s very subtle but it does a great job with injecting a feminine feel to your look.pussy bow top with neutral colored outfit pussy bow polka dot top
  4. OR OPT FOR A BOW TIE – if you’re wearing a top with a collar today and you can add a bow tie to it to add a posh but still girly look and feel to your outfit.bow tie outfit menswear inspired look bow tie casual outfit
  5. LOOK FOR PIECES WITH SUBTLE BOW DETAILS – it could be bows by the sleeves, at the back, on the hem or anywhere else. When wearing pieces with bow details, make sure they’re not big and bold to avoid looking like a gift.bow detail on skirt detail bare back with bows
  6. ACCENT AND ACCESSORIES – another way to wear bows without making it the focal point of your look is to incorporate it in your accessories. Shoes and purses with cute little bow details on them never fail to make any outfit look chic and pretty.

shoes with bow bag with bow details by kate spade

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