6 Tips to Remember When Choosing an Outfit on a First Date

Apart from having to get your nerves under control and formulate a whole conversation in your head before even meeting, you also need to know the best outfit choices to keep you comfortable at the same time attractive. So, keep on reading for our tips on what to wear on a first date in order to leave a lasting impression.

  1. Check the venue.

breezy spring dress with sandals

formal date dress with designer heels

If you wish to dress appropriately for a date, scout the venue before showing up. Not only can this save you major embarrassment if you show up to a beach-themed restaurant in an evening dress, but you’ll prevent yourself from having to choose between numerous ‘what to wear on a first date’ styles. If it’s a formal date that will be held in a hotel with a black-tie attire, think of a classy black long dress like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky did. On the other hand, go for a breezy chic dress to keep everything casual yet feminine if you’re planning to date on a local café like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim wore.

  1. Choose comfort over style.

casual date outfit with nude sandals pastel pink date outfit

Despite how amazing you want to look, how you feel is much more important. If you feel uncomfortable, then you’ll look uncomfortable. This includes wearing comfortable shoes and not purchasing new shoes. The key to a successful date is being comfortable and leaving a confident impression. Choose one of your regular pair of shoes that’s pretty yet comfortable so you don’t have to worry for blisters.

  1. Leave most for the imagination.

chic white jumpsuit with heels sexy body con knitted dress

Depending on the type of man you decide to go on a first date with, he’s going to want you to be a little bit conservative. This doesn’t mean you can’t show off a little bit of leg or maybe sexy shoulders, as long it’s one or the other. Remember, you have to leave a positive lasting impression without coming across as cheap.

  1. Choose an outfit you’d normally wear.

modern date outfit with clutch red party dress with floral patterned pumps

Just because you’re going on a first date doesn’t mean you have to wear an outfit you wouldn’t normally be seen with. Remember, you still want to feel like yourself, and show him the truest version of yourself, so stick to your own sense of style. Also, don’t be afraid to play around with outfits and accentuate your best features. By wearing the outfits you’d normally wear or you’re comfortable in, you won’t be pressured on a first date.

  1. Thoroughly plan your outfit.

romantic first date outfit with necklace metallic silver pumps with purple skirt and black lace top

There’s probably nothing worse than thinking you know what you want to wear for a first date only to realize last minute that what you wanted to wear really isn’t going to work. So, plan your outfit thoroughly in ahead of time to avoid any surprises. This includes the outfit combination you’re going to wear, as well as the matching shoes and accessories that will complete your look.

  1. Always take a light jacket or blazer.

sexy nude dress with white blazer nude shorts with white top and blazer

Always pack a light blazer to throw over your shoulder in case the weather decides to turn. This way, you’ll be prepared and you’ll avoid feeling uncomfortable as the cold night progresses. Remember, the weather can turn easily and you’d rather show up to the date with a little bit of extra coverage than not enough. Since first impressions really do count, make wise choices when choosing what to wear on a first date so you’ll end up going on continuous dates for a long time.

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