6 Tips to Make Your Favorite Knits Last Forever

Knits are some of the stylish and functional ensembles you wear on a daily basis, and going for high-quality and timeless styles can make them transcend trends. Quality knits can last upwards of 10 years as long as you take care of them. So, keep on reading for the 6 tips to make your favorite knits last forever.

  1. Don’t hang your knits.

black sweater with leather trousers and sneakers

classic knit dress with trendy sneakers

Hanging a sweater or knit dress by its shoulders can cause the garment to stretch out and loose shape under its own weight. So, fold your knits and store them in a dresser. Just in case you must use the closet to save space, fold the sweater shoulder-to-shoulder and drape it over the bar of a hanger. That way, the weight is more evenly distributed and will less likely stretch out.

  1. Put an end to pills.

asymmetric knit top with black jeans and blanket scarf oversized military green sweater with culottes

If you wish to put an end to pills on your favorite knit, think of using a disposable razor to shave away those pesky fuzzies. Just lay the garment on a flat surface and razor over the pills using short, quick strokes. Just be careful to getting to hard on trimming the pills to the extent you’ll create unwanted holes to your knits. For a simpler fix, use a pair of scissors to snip off the most noticeable pills.

  1. Patch a pulled thread like a pro.

burgundy knit dress with white sneakers knitted matching set with coat

If a pull has caused the rows around it to bunch, gently stretch the fabric back into shape. You can use a sewing needle to push the snag through to the inside of the sweater and keep everything in place by tying the leftover thread in a knot inside. However, if the knit is thick enough, dab the knot with clear nail polish to stop it from coming undone. Beware of cutting a snagged thread as it will turn into an unraveling hole.

  1. Never toss spare threads or buttons.

cozy outfit with knitted beanie turtleneck top with pastel coat

Some sweaters and cardigans have spare threads and buttons so you can repair them on your own when the time needs it. To avoid losing the spare buttons, think of having an organizer that keeps all of your spare buttons, thread samples, cloth tags, and fabric-care labels in one place.

  1. Master your hand-washing technique.

gray knit dress with sneakers knitted scarves with military coat

Before washing your favorite knit, read the care instructions first. For hand-wash cashmere, opt for gentle fine-washables detergent like a baby shampoo. Never stretch, pull, or rub the fabric together. Also, do not wring it out as it could do just as much damage as tossing it in the washing machine. Just place the knit item on a mesh drying rack away from radiators and direct sunlight until it’s completely dry.

  1. Store sweaters safely.

winter white outfit with ankle boots chic brown sweater with white skirt

Once spring comes around, make sure to pack your sweaters away carefully. However, make sure they are to avoid attracting moths. You may think of folding them using white tissue paper and store them away from direct sunlight. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to make your favorite knits last forever.

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