6 Tips to Make Shopping Easier and Less Stressful

As our lives get busier and our body shapes change, we find shopping gets harder and harder, and less and less enjoyable. Do you find shopping stressful, and wonder why other women love doing it? If you feel ‘lost’ when shopping, and are overwhelmed by all the choices, keep on reading for our 6 tips to make shopping easier for you, next time you venture out.

  1. Know the colors and styles that suit you.



By knowing your proportions and the colors that suit you, you know what pieces to look for that will fit you well. You can easily scan a department store for the colors that pop on you, which will stop you from looking at the endless choices if other garments. This also applies if you know the shapes that suit you as you won’t be tempted by that designer bargain which doesn’t suit your body shape or proportions. Since less choice makes it easier, you have to understand the principles of line and design so that when you look at the detail on a garment, such as where the pockets are placed, you’ll know which will look great on you.

  1. Dress for your personality, not for trends.

bodycon-keyhole-dress-with-camel-bag graphic-print-pants-with-crop-top

By understanding your personality, you’ll know which prints and colors that will look great on you. It has to be you in color, shape, style, texture, sheen, pattern, feel and personality, otherwise you won’t love it. Like fashion blogger Elsa Ekman, you can look trendy with graphic print pants only if it suit your personality.

  1. Develop your personal style.

nude-silk-jumpsuit white-eyelet-dress-with-midcalf-boots

Develop your own style, whether creating a style file or drawing inspiration from magazines which you find appealing. The better you know your style, the easier it will be to spot in a sea of clothes therefore, you won’t be tempted by bargains that just aren’t you. A silk jumpsuit might sound too dressy for some, but if you have a classy fashion personality, then it’ll be great for your street style.

  1. Stick to the stores that you love.

checkered-coat-with-boots edgy-boots-with-denim-shorts-and-sweater

If you’re a woman with a casual fashion personality, denim jeans, and graphic tees might sound appealing for you, while a woman with a classy style finds dresses and skirts appealing for her. Instead of searching every fashion stores, stick to your favorite ones where you often buy your favorite outfits whether it’s a dress, jeans, tee, skirt, or office outfit. This way, you’ll get more chances of acquiring the clothes you would love to buy.

  1. Have a shopping list with you.

sweater-with-denim-jeans white-tee-with-frayed-shorts

Having a shopping list with you will help you stick on your budget, and prevent you from buying the things you don’t really need. Whether it’s a new pair of boots, jeans, or sweater for the fall season, having a detailed list will save you from buying bargains that aren’t a real deal.

  1. Wear easy clothes that will keep you comfortable in the dressing room.

loose-tank-top-with-frayed-shorts striped-pink-maxi-dress-with-orange-fruit-bag

Dress to make it easy to shop, and don’t wear clothes that are hard to get on and off. A pair of jeans may be effortless, but going for banded pants or shorts that don’t need buttoning up can be easier. Also, you might want to consider a nice-fitting dress that can keep you comfortable and easy when changing on dressing rooms. Indeed, shopping must be an enjoyable trip, so follow our guidelines to make it easy and effortless.

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