6 Tips to Look Great on a Budget for Business Women

Though you have to invest time and effort on looking your best, it doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Looking for ways to get you suited up on a budget? Keep on reading for our 6 tips to look great on a budget for a business woman like you.

  1. Skip fast fashion stores.



Fast fashion stores may offer cheap trendy items, but they usually have poor quality. Many times these clothes are also a little too sexy. When you go to a business event you don’t want to walk away with a date as you want to look professional. That means nothing too short, no cleavage hanging out, and no obvious panty lines.

  1. Full priced is fool priced.

collared-top-with-green-sweater-and-yellow-skirt red-coat-with-dress-and-doctors-bag

You have to realize that you don’t have to pay full price for something when you can get it for less. Even the millionaire next door doesn’t throw money at full priced goods just because they can afford it as they became a millionaire by keeping their costs manageable along the way. Designer items are great investments as long as they flatter you and they suit your budget.

  1. Pay attention to your grooming.

creative-office-outfit-with-flat-shoes printed-skirt-with-nude-blouse

You don’t need to get the most expensive items on the menu, but make sure you pay attention to your grooming. Get your nails and hair done, but don’t get all the add-ons. It’s important to look clean so keep your work outfits ironed and free of stains which will affect your professional image.

  1. Go to the shoe cobbler instead of buying new shoes, and don’t buy shoes if you’re hobbling around in them.

sexy-classic-pumps-with-wrap-skirt-and-black-top white-shoes-with-matching-blazer-and-pants

While it’s really important to look nice, you don’t want to go into debt over a pair of shoes. If you’re thinking of buying a standard pair of black heels consider going to the cobbler to see if you can clean up an older pair. Just in case you would love to buy new shoes, go for polished yet comfortable ones. While heels are sexy, there is nothing less sexy than watching a woman look like she’s hobbling across the street on stilts.

  1. Make one thing pop.

earrings-with-white-top-and-black-slacks gold-necklace-with-yellow-top-and-graphic-skirt

You don’t need to dress in head to toe designer clothes with label on them in huge letters like bags and shoes as you just need to be presentable. Don’t come off as “trying too hard” by overdoing it. If you wish to wear a statement piece, make it stand out. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, you may go for a pair of statement earrings or a big gold necklace.

  1. Have one versatile black or white blazer.

black-blazer-with-asymmetric-dress white-blazer-with-wide-leg-pants

One very elegant blazer can add a professional seal on your outfit. Black blazers are incredibly versatile, and you can change up your look just by rolling the sleeves up just under the elbow. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, spice up your all white outfit with a crisp white blazer that can make it look polished and sleek. With our stylish and practical tips, you’ll be able to look great on a budget. Remember, no amount of fashion, make-up, or jewelry can give you the confidence you have when you really love yourself.

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